HOLY CRAP! - Bungie just Changed Xur! | Season of the Lost
Bungie Just changed Xur for the first time in YEARS! Now EVERY PLAYER should check Xur's Inventory Every Weekend! (Xur Location & Inventory Aug 27 - 30)
→ COMPLETE VAULT OF GLASS RAID GUIDE: uzmilk.info/number/ppp3xGyrZ4R2Y8s/video.html

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New video, a Xur Inventory Review (August 27 to 30) after the Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, we are discussing where is Xur?, but not just the Xur Location today for the weekend of Aug 27 to 30! But also the fact that Xur is selling Legendary Weapons and Legendary High Stat Armor! You can now get Xur God Rolls!

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      Where do you find xur?

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    On this in the beginning that quest or Mission I had to do it all by myself it took me a minute

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    Thanks for the zur video. It is appreciated.

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    Thank the Traveler! Xur needed some love. ^_^

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    Noooo we can’t use Xur anymore to help our other characters by buying the pieces on our high characters to help level up


    Come watch us play iron banner and drink some beer www.twitch.tv/twosavageelf

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    No they didn’t

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    you really think bungie is going to leave their xur offerings to rng and risk flooding the game with "god rolled" legendaries? no. every gun you'll ever find from him is going to be hand crafted to either give you nothing, or give you a half decent roll enough to get you to put him to use. keep in mind, his addition to the game has only one goal in mind. bungie gives no fucks about you getting better weapons. it's about economy management. giving people a place to sink resources to keep the economy healthy. so you'll get just enough reason to use him as is necessary to burn up some reserves. that's it.

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    Man I haven't played this game since they killed Cayde.

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    Finallyyy!!!! took long enough for Xur to upgrade

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    Bruh. Hurry up and show me what’s happening. F**k me how is a xur change worth a 10 minute video! Goose

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    do you have a video explaining what are god rolls to absolute n00bs?

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      @Julio F Well, congratulations, my good sir. Well done.

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      🤣Took me 30 seconds to Google and figure it out

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    Unrelated question. I just started playing again after a while. And all my previous weapons like Recluse can no longer be upgraded past 1100. I have a ton of weapons like these in my vault that now cant be upgraded any further. Should I just dismantle them all? Or will they come in handy later on? Will they change the fact that these can no longer be upgraded?

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    sell 1k voices if you want my attention

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    Why today is not at this place ?

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    Also for new players that weren't around for Black Armory you can buy these and turn them into ornaments. One of the best looking armor sets in my opinion.

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    Wtf xur sells iron banner weapons too

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    why is the legendary armor more expensive than the exotic armor?

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    Finally, a place to get the SAW, that and Fireteam Medic are all I need to fully compete my heal build

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    7:50 had me crying

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    still not worth it to come back

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    Is it just me or did other Titans get NURFED?!!!

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    You grind for black armory gear only to find out that Xur is selling it now. Destiny 2 is such a shit game. I just takes a dump on you. WTF!!!

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    Im giving yall a warning you will love the damage but not the range is a no no so i promise you hit a knight and watch em fly up close(Tractor damage)

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    So the short version for the most part skip everything but the tractor cannon if you don't have it. Nice to see black armory armor.

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    Thinks to that damm stasis ability bungie decided to give to every mobs now I don't like doing nightfall anymore lol I keep getting frozen

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    Giving generalizations like "decent" or "not the greatest" is not very anylitical

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    I have a possible Hypothesis. Maybe Xur will sell previous destiny 2 armor (i.e Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, Scourge of The Past, and Crown of Sorrow)

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    Wait, wasn't Bite The Fox a sniper from IB like 3 or 4 seasons ago?

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    I would suggest combining your new Xur videos with a short review of Banshee's inventory. There have been some very GREAT rolls that sneak up every so often and pass the community by without most people noticing.

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    I think my game is bugged I can’t buy those exotic cyphers but my friends can like the option to buy it is gone

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    Ah, so only want to make videos about something when you can pad them out to 10 mins+? I respect the hustle.

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    Tells us Xur is updated and proceeds to show trash and loot not worth it

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    Osmosis is awesome

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    pretty cool, as a Destiny/Destiny 2 veteran, not even the legendaries are anything I need haha. I got Succession and the VoG sniper rifle. I also got a really good Seventh Seraph Saw. Got all exotics except the DSC raid exotic, VoG exotic, and the new exotic gauntlets for this season. I look forward to seeing what Xur's inventory is like next Friday.

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