This New Exotic is so Overpowered, Bungie DISABLED it! | Season of the Lost
The new Radiant Dance Machines Exotic Hunter Boots from Season of the Lost, have COMPLETELY BROKEN DESTINY 2! These are insanely OP! How did Bungie let this happen!?

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New video, showcasing the new and Best Hunter Exotic in all of destiny 2, the Radiant Dance Machines, after the Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, we are discussing the Radiant Dance machines new hunter exotic boots, available from the Solo Legendary Lost Sector today! These are absolutely broken, and will result in the best hunter build in destiny 2 for PvE and PvP!

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  • KackisHD

    Hunter Mains: I don't want to hear anything about you not having good exotics ever again. NEW AdvancedGG Flavors ► Join the Discord ► Save on Astro Products ► More Destiny 2 Videos ►

    • Michal Kotmel
      Michal Kotmel

      Stop writing clickbait video names all the time…you are bigger than that.

    • Prosey 757
      Prosey 757

      see how fast they needed that . that’s crazy Hunters get shitted on so crazy. Heavy warlock bias at bungo

    • house of wolves
      house of wolves

      You posted a vid about how broken it is and if it does get nerfed because of you explaining to every d2 abuser how to abuse it then I say yeah we will still complain

    • Marcus Wallace
      Marcus Wallace

      I'm pretty sure that every hunter on earth started abusing it the moment you posted this video

    • BorrowedGnat 757
      BorrowedGnat 757

      Hunters are god

  • Munico

    If only I could have these exotics now, best thing I’ve got so far I think is Celestial Nighthawk and Orpheus rig

  • SYN Ganja420
    SYN Ganja420

    I got the perfect intro name for you Rick "I'm gonna get everything nerfed into the ground by making videos saying 'this is soooo broken' even though it's not broken and you have to stack mods on mods on mods to get the benefits I'm showing you guys" Kackis

  • Music Jam!
    Music Jam!

    How the heck did he get it to where on every dodge roll he gets super energy, I tired doing it but it only works for the first dodge and thats it, unless stupid bungie already nerfed it?

    • Nolan Coutts
      Nolan Coutts

      Ya they nerfed it

  • ziki_zak_not_official

    Next week at bungie!!! We nerfed dogde!!!

  • zbk

    bro hunters are so op with stasis and exotics they just destroy titans and warlocks

  • ziki_zak_not_official

    I havent played destiny since season 14 begun, and now so many stuff been added!!! I feel kinda lost.

  • Xintinel

    I’ll be playing this weekend, if I see more hunters then I’ll know 😂

  • Lorenso Tomas
    Lorenso Tomas

    Rick "I will take them All" Kackis here.

  • Third292009

    Why kackis why

  • Third292009


  • Qg1989

    Brand new? All the new exotic armor pieces this season are D1 exotics.

  • Rasmus

    Rick "Hive, bring a sword!" Kackis here

  • Vasileios Misiakas
    Vasileios Misiakas

    ...Bungie releases a new hunter exotic armor. At your lunch break at the office, you see already a nice review of that exotic on your favorite youtuber...till you get home and start farming the lost sector ,bungie announces that an upcoming hot patch with a huge nerf its on the way.

  • VVolffe_ Gaming
    VVolffe_ Gaming

    Rick "hunter is the best class" kackis here.

  • Oskar Zogo
    Oskar Zogo

    Can free to play players get it ?

  • Dcash

    Hit this with celestial after getting super for Hella fast boss damage

  • Michal Kotmel
    Michal Kotmel

    Stop writing clickbait video names! You are bigger than that…

  • harry ayling-allen
    harry ayling-allen

    I wonder who thought, let's remove the second Icarus dash from warlock and give hunters a reworked d1 exotic that lets them dodge almost 10 times in a row.

    • Taco_thefish

      They found it in Einstein’s notes

  • Danny Van de groep
    Danny Van de groep

    Haha I'm glad it's removed bungie had to take it away when it came out was way better stupid idiots I had them but did not used them bcs I knew this would happen.

  • Arcadius

    Good old fun police Bungie is still at it I see.

  • Sharito742

    Due to Radiance Dance Machine being broken we are nerfing Warlocks.

  • ScrambledGoose

    They’ve disabled them already in pvp lol

  • Jay Uchiha
    Jay Uchiha

    I can already see some youtubers making a compilation of using this exotic while playing Dancin (Krono Remix)

  • I Want A Doggo Doggo
    I Want A Doggo Doggo

    Ah yes, another broken hunter exotic.

  • Shitnificent

    cant wait for it to be like, "it should now give two dodges in stead of 6."

    • VVolffe_ Gaming
      VVolffe_ Gaming

      It'll be so useless then

  • El Kinesis
    El Kinesis

    Rick "How's your sister? ;)" Kackis

  • -CFW.Magic-

    I think it's still a problem in pvp since it still triggers if the a person is behind a wall right (obviously doesn't work against snipers since they far away)?

  • Giulio Digiacomo
    Giulio Digiacomo

    You mindset is absolutely broken busted

  • booksofblood

    Hey Rick, they also blocked the worm God caress I came home this morning and it was not functioning properly light level drop the whole 9 yards... any info?

  • Night Raid Rogue
    Night Raid Rogue

    well Time to put the stompees back on cause this is getting nerfed into the absolute ground

  • SirDEWEY MoonBorne
    SirDEWEY MoonBorne

    Rick "cabal on the field" kackis here!

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob

    I used middle tree gunslinger and bombardiers and its almost as good. Paired with travelers chosen too.

  • joker limbogini
    joker limbogini

    There prepd for the new hive guardians

  • cluna

    Rick “I gotta pick a comment” Khakis here!

  • SIVA

    Rick "bring back SIVA" Kackis

  • Alexander Champion
    Alexander Champion

    Rick "UWU UWU yay baby " Kackis here

  • xLionsxxSmithyx

    Bungie: due to an unforeseen balance issue with Radiant Dance machine we have disabled warlocks ability to jump.

  • Inquisitor Ichijou
    Inquisitor Ichijou

    How about: Rick "If you liked the video give it a thumbs up, if you don't liked it give it a thumbs down so I know to do better next time" Kackis

  • Yusuf Jones
    Yusuf Jones

    Brand new? Pretty sure I had these like 5 years ago on D1

  • Yusuf Jones
    Yusuf Jones

    Already banned in Gambit... We really can't have shit

  • Assassin Master
    Assassin Master

    Rick say its your boy no back up plans kackis

  • Assassin Master
    Assassin Master

    Im glad they nerf it

  • prid3 33
    prid3 33

    Rick"pst take me with you" kackis

  • Podge Gaming
    Podge Gaming

    As much as I appreciate the content you youtubers give to us to help us in games, You sharing this is going to break the game as everyone who rely on meta will be all using them and there will be no point in the PvP side of the game!

    • Taco_thefish

      But it’s disabled

  • Robert Gray
    Robert Gray

    Me who got star eater scales first try with 60 seconds left: ahh sh** here we go again

  • Eclair Farron
    Eclair Farron


  • Erny washington
    Erny washington

    This guy literally just told the developers how to f*** a exotic up. Thanks a lot

  • Davey Asprey
    Davey Asprey

    Already disabled. gutted

  • Tyler G
    Tyler G

    Rick 'it's still a flying bus' kackis here.

  • Chris Joseph
    Chris Joseph

    sounds fun in pve, i will not touch pvp though.

  • Mr Shortypants
    Mr Shortypants

    Plus his comment section about intro is sooooo childish ! Grow up dude

  • Mr Shortypants
    Mr Shortypants

    Content creators like this make vids about over power / broken things in destiny ! ! . Then the Devs NERF said items . Stop posting about over powered ideas and keep them to yourself . Let us work it out without the Devs seeing videos about it . . . Another disabled exotic in the game now

  • house of wolves
    house of wolves

    It really only had some chances to become this broken but now that you have explained how to do it it's most definitely gonna be nerfed slot of people either don't use good mod setups in pvp or they do just entirely terrible for every item they are using along with almost every d2 player doesn't even use those mods but again if people keep trying to find problems and then posting on the entirety of the internet for everyone to see them it would have such a low chance to be abused

  • Rodrigo Sanay
    Rodrigo Sanay

    The same way bungo allowed top tree dawn blade as broken as ir was and same as thundercrash is still broken and dunemarches which they constantly refuse to nerf, thats how

  • Austin Schmid
    Austin Schmid

    Rick “Dance Dance RDM” Kackis

  • theElemDragon

    Here's a good one for the name..... Rick "Calling the nerf a day before the nerf" Kackis

  • kraven Liongod
    kraven Liongod

    Just like everytime I see a new season, more favoritism to hunters

  • digunder14

    dude back flipping and bouncing around like fucking harley queen with that RDM

  • King Rufus901
    King Rufus901

    I got an idea. These boots, Blade Barrage, and gamblers dodge. Step 1. Throw your knives Step 2. Dodge Step 3. Panic Super (Probably do some mid-game switches in there)

  • RitualAphid

    Titan/Warlock mains mad because now we actually getting good shit finally.

  • BasicKing

    These prob gonna be so useful in raids

  • The Cat Without A Tail
    The Cat Without A Tail

    Now they're going to delete this even before I get it, lol

  • Ryzach

    Bungie: Nerfs icarus dodge so it cannot be spammed Also Bungie:

  • VicVictory Meepers
    VicVictory Meepers

    Don’t touch them bungie, take as long as you took to nerf anteaus wards for Titans 🗿

  • Tech With Ray
    Tech With Ray

    This is why I don’t play gambit 😂

  • Alcatraz 104
    Alcatraz 104


  • Israel Diaz
    Israel Diaz

    I got nothing manacles on my 2nd try solo lost sector. Hello weezy welcome homeeee VETERAN D1 VOIDWALKER INBOUND

  • Jared Steers
    Jared Steers

    I immediately thought a clown cartridge rocket launcher for 6 rockets in less than 3 seconds...

  • Chilly Beats
    Chilly Beats

    Ok imma cop these

  • Omar Puente
    Omar Puente

    Rick “rick-e rick-inn can-I-in” Kackis

  • A_BlackArrow

    Rick, “Truth is a funny thing, except in gambit” Kackis.

  • Trevor Arnold
    Trevor Arnold

    These aren't broken the mods are but the exotic is gonna get the nerf which isn't gonna make sense

  • Tchannin Dumas
    Tchannin Dumas

    Kackis stop with the Broken talk please that's so 2018 😅

  • Knoll Konopka
    Knoll Konopka

    I punched in the feed at 6:33. I almost had him, just for the record..

  • Jason Ray
    Jason Ray

    There's a big issue with such videos. I think the content creator needs to highlight this to Bungie rather than showing it off as 'Broken' or it's 'Insane' and stuff. That's not required here. Out of 100% population that's seen this video a lot of them will wanna go and exploit this in gambit and in the crucible. This video is not informational but is breaking the already broken. Create awareness but use a different topic not something thats so easy to get today at legend lost sector that everyone would go get it. Not for what they are but for what they do.

  • Rodrigo Biohazard
    Rodrigo Biohazard

    Guys let us Hunters be happy!

  • billy welch
    billy welch

    Rick "the brick" kackis here

  • Tomas Dexter
    Tomas Dexter

    It will recieve cd and only like 2 more dodges. Anyway gj

  • darkfalcon59

    well debuf coming up

  • Mellow Sans
    Mellow Sans

    Hunter mains now have nothing to complain about

  • Hawkeye117

    What I think would be better is just making it so Dynamo can't stack with Distribution or with other copies of it self. Same with Distribution. If that's still not enough, just add a cooldown timer similar to Bakris.

  • WhereIsMaraSov?

    Literally not click bait...this is scary lol

  • אסף פ
    אסף פ

    rick "look at them fall" kakcis here


    Hey what’s up guys it’s Rick”Hey what’s up guys it’s Rick Kackis” Kackis here

  • Syra

    “Most broken exotic ever”... but it’s only broken in 1 gamemode 😂

    • Curt Jones
      Curt Jones

      PISSES ME OFF! then they gonna disable the shit right when I get it and have 0 intent on using them in pvp

  • predator_

    Rick "My soul just shivered!" Kackis here

  • cvrDesigns

    As someone who made a clan after the RDM from D1 it makes me super happy that they were brought back broken lol

  • Ziad Al-agha
    Ziad Al-agha

    What is up guys its rick “never gonna give you up” kackis here

  • James Kalozois
    James Kalozois

    Rick 'Bungie did this on purpose, and asked me to highlight it works in Gambit as no one plays it anymore' Kackis here.

  • Pitsniper 180
    Pitsniper 180

    Rick “ how did Bungie allow this Kackis”

  • Dead Man's Tale
    Dead Man's Tale

    Rick " how much for savathicc bath water doe? " Kackis here...

  • Tres

    Not sure if anyone has realized this yet but Bad Juju now has bottomless magazines due to the infinite ammo for primaries change.

  • Ben Theriot
    Ben Theriot

    Rick “does Bungie even test their own game” Kackis

  • 4EverKELZ

    it's okay. titan has path of the burning steps with vex mythoclast to counter this freezing and slowing mess. these are gonna be disabled b4 trials returns

  • Samuel Vega
    Samuel Vega

    Bungie doesnt test shit!!!

  • Demon Lewds
    Demon Lewds

    Could you make a video for returning players on anything we should know?

  • Ronn Miller
    Ronn Miller

    Rick “It was a dark and stormy night and the captain said, come I’ll tell you a story and the story began, It was a dark and stormy night……”Kackis

  • Blaze Sinatra
    Blaze Sinatra

    so pretty much... if you see people dodging before the match. just quit

  • John Borgen
    John Borgen

    This is Destiny. If there is the possibility to be abused, it will be abused.