Destiny 2: VAULT OF GLASS RAID FOR DUMMIES! | Complete Raid Guide & Walkthrough!
The Complete Guide for the new Vault of Glass Raid in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer!
00:00 - Beginning Encounter (Spire) Guide
02:12 - Secret Chest 1
02:50 - Defend the Confluxes Guide
05:35 - Oracles Encounter Guide
09:47 - Templar Raid Boss Guide
14:52 - Gorgon Maze Guide
18:00 - Secret Chest 2
18:35 - Gatekeeper Encounter Guide
23:37 - Atheon Final Raid Boss Guide


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New video, how to beat the new Vault of Glass Raid, just added in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer (Season 14) during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light! After the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season, is here for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, we are going over how to beat the vault of glass raid, from the beginning encounter, to how to beat Atheon, Time's Conflux, the Final Raid Boss! This will let you get new Vault of Glass Weapons and Gear, such as the Fatebringer (arguably the best hand cannon in destiny 2) and the Vex Mythoclast new Exotic!!

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    • Dinoko 117
      Dinoko 117

      17:00 is that the third box ??

    • HighEphant

      2 things 1 why just why are you using center tree void on titan your waiting a super space with how you use it. 2 you've made this way more complex than it needed to be

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      Rokken Robinson


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      Andres Barcelo


    • Izanagi's Burden
      Izanagi's Burden

      Thank you Kackis! Huge help to everyone!!!

  • jolinarcze

    i appreciate people making tutorials. i do. but how does anyone think a 5xspeed footage outlining a secret route is a 'good idea' is beyond my understanding. the heck....

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G

    What is the auto rifle and grenade launcher he is using? That the lion joint?

  • Copeium

    Ngl I geared up my Hunter and watched this video to prep myself for my first VOG raid, but now after seeing all these new mechanics I'm not so enthusiastic about doing it now.

    • Yanessa97

      Same I thought I'd get a good grasp watching this, but yesterday I got a fireteam together so me and my pal can do our first ever raid. Took 4 hours to get at Atheon checkpoint, and then the team had to leave. We got as close as 1/3rd health on Atheon before calling it a night. It's seriously tough and requires lots of call outs, designating ad clear, etc. But boy is it fun. Got a real rush playing

  • ChoklittRockett

    No way I just got vex first try 😂😭😭 my homies were pissed

  • Cesar Ortiz
    Cesar Ortiz

    Dang I want to do this raid but have no friends

    • Omarion G
      Omarion G

      OR no power😭

  • DeltaCommand

    Anyone else watching this during Season of the Lost?

  • MuteTV

    Wow we must look like such nerds to our families playing destiny 2

  • ElitZ

    What was the name of his secundary?

  • Benjamin Jensen
    Benjamin Jensen

    This is for dummies?? Wtf

  • The Chin Master
    The Chin Master

    Pov: your going to run solo

  • Snake Doctor 69
    Snake Doctor 69

    Got vex mythoclast after watching this video

  • Sir. Torantino
    Sir. Torantino

    Last time i did raids was in D1

  • SlateZebra

    I would watch this but I don’t have enough friends to do raids

  • mexicanamerican mojo
    mexicanamerican mojo

    anyone willing to help with completing this? im a solo psn player looking for a fireteam to play with

    • Clint Ragoopath
      Clint Ragoopath

      I would but I’m on Xbox

  • Beatleboy

    can u repeat the raid cuz i want the vex mythoclast or watever

  • Dr Iownyou
    Dr Iownyou

    Would bottom tree dawn with Sunbracers and Witherhoard be good for the add clear?

  • Zach

    Holy The nostalgia

  • michael turner
    michael turner

    #forever29 maybe my rng luck will change in d2 lol

  • ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ
    ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ

    What a convoluted bunch of stupidity.

  • Simulated Rain
    Simulated Rain

    can you use the sneak hunter to invis the party to get past the gorgons

  • Raging Tarzan
    Raging Tarzan

    These oracles at the end look like the worst thing to deal with. From what I see, they all spawn at the same time. Sounds like bs to me.

  • Triple T Performance
    Triple T Performance

    I remember 1 phasing templar with 6 gjallahorns lmao

  • Mojito skurt
    Mojito skurt

    Haha, I can't help but smile a bit and think to myself, is that the third one just as he called everyone clowns, then looks right and it looks like a box. It might not be but it befitted the moment :p @16:58 (59)

  • RealEgyptian

    Finally completed it yesterday. After 4 hours of madness. Yes 4 hours …..

  • JayzBeerz

    why not have a stream and help people through this

  • JayzBeerz

    wish i had people to do this with

  • CrazymonkeyR10

    Yo no cap I got mythocast first Vog and I'm so dam hyped. Can't tell my clan leader tho or he kicks me 🤣

  • Atticus Slee-Janski
    Atticus Slee-Janski

    I just want the vex exotic weapon

  • Josh Reeves
    Josh Reeves

    Cant wait to do this raid in d2. Been d1 since i ran it over and over and wonder how it has changed.

  • DopeItsAlonso

    Anyone teaching this raid?

  • Aaron Abeyta
    Aaron Abeyta

    Is this the exact same raid it was when it came out years ago? Just checking ✔

  • Hmmmm

    The only crappy thing is that I have no friends to play with

  • AO

    Bruh .. i just joined a clan and they were like yeah we do this vault of glass come with us... I have played this game for 2 month and i am 1318 light Level ... This was amazing as it was stressful xD in a good way

  • World Peace
    World Peace

    Matched up with u in strikes haha insanity

  • Lotus

    I’m getting intense d1 flash backs with how much I did this back then

  • Tyrell Johnson
    Tyrell Johnson

    Caption wanna quite Me: yes

  • Keandre Lee
    Keandre Lee

    My team runs right past gorgon

  • Quil Kin
    Quil Kin

    I may be a dummy but I’m a dummy giving u a like and a view 😤

  • Sawnee Bean
    Sawnee Bean

    Holy fucking ads Batman!!!

  • Ttv_King0716_YT

    Is VoG forgiving for new lights,?

    • Rebel

      easy if you have the right stuff (good fusions, one decent scout for atheon, adclear weapons,)

  • Mykl Zuckerman
    Mykl Zuckerman

    10 out of 10 rating on this walk-through. Thank you my friend. You are 100% appreciated in so many ways brother.

  • Richard Olsen
    Richard Olsen

    so fun just did my first runthrough of it with 3 experienced, 1 familiar, and two new including me..... they said that we did really well... one phased templar and only got stuck on atheon for like 6 or 7 wipes everything else we did on 1st or second try

  • The Kirk Caldwell
    The Kirk Caldwell

    Why not swap your titan shield to alligator shield ? No reload delay plus infinite ammo cycle

  • Willis

    When you realize d1 is just better also this is basically just a copy of d1 vault

  • Dustin Mesch
    Dustin Mesch

    Just get Vex and carry everyone 😂😂

  • Antoine Dickens
    Antoine Dickens

    lol was 16:59 the third?

  • 占い当てる

    only if i actually had friends to do raids with been solo since d1

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  • Speaking Of Being Correct
    Speaking Of Being Correct

    Mfks will literally get mad at u for not knowing an EXTREMELY COMPLEX, INTRICATE, MIND BOGGLING RAID.

  • Chace Horrocks
    Chace Horrocks

    Thanks this will make me less annoying

  • Destiny2 Dummy
    Destiny2 Dummy

    See if you can memorise at least far middle and far left from this 8 second video of Atheon Oracle Tones:

  • Oh Skitt1es
    Oh Skitt1es

    i love how this is just an og raid yet we came up with different call outs for oracles back in d1 it was back right, back left, far right, far left, front right, front left, and middle

  • Ana_1cb

    It always amuses me as to why the developers feel the need to change old raids just to make them slightly harder. I wish they’d spend the time making new raids instead. People loved those raids the way they were. I appreciate your work Kackis 🙌🏽

    • Omally226

      From a development standpoint, new raids are huge undertakings for the team. New raids come out at a steady, healthy pace. Existing raids are easy for the live team to tweak because it's already done. Making slight mechanical changes can keep the game from going stale.

  • Joshua Enos
    Joshua Enos

    One of the main reasons I decided to grind out d2, d1 nostalgia hitting like a train

  • Leodonti

    Add pictures for references. You can't just start and say "this location is R3." Where did you enter? What perspective are you seeing these oracles etc?

  • daniel sago
    daniel sago


  • TheCommonGamer

    Shoutout to the og’s that don’t need any explanation but I’m glad they brought this back I loved this raid

  • Dyingace23

    Wish they had an option for team or solo because I always get stuck in solo it discourages new player imo

  • Tayyib Usman
    Tayyib Usman

    Me, power 1270, thinking I might be able to solo it: pain

  • Exi

    these raids are so convoluted. I started playing this game cuz i wanna shoot shit, not do 30 steps to get some loot

  • Taco Emperor
    Taco Emperor

    Do I need to be completely kitted out to be any help in VoG?

  • Conzola

    1:50 how does he have 96 in the mag?

  • velle71

    Looks like some OG VOG. Haven’t played D2 for a long time!

  • Alan Goodyear
    Alan Goodyear

    jungle or desert? you mean venus and mars lol

  • C Klein
    C Klein

    I do this allone on legend

  • TheRealHeavenlyPro_YT

    Who here wants to bet that the only reason why we all did the vault of grass is just to get vex mythoclast

  • Peter Sommerhalder
    Peter Sommerhalder

    Hey Rick - watched a lot of videos from you and really enoyed your style of enthusiasm and the good explanations. Keep it that way! cheers

  • Captain Crunch
    Captain Crunch

    Yea I'm new to destiny 2 and I was wondering why I can't ever find groups to run raids I see why omg why they make this so complicated I'll never be able to run this

  • Guero The Pail
    Guero The Pail

    Bruh 25:40. Of all the times I've ran VOG I never knew the Jungle and Desert where the same places just at different times in history.


    I watched this whole video just for me to forget 95% of all this on the second stage

  • The Rob D
    The Rob D

    Will anyone run this raid with me? (On ps4)

  • Fearful Melody
    Fearful Melody

    Video games are meant to be a break away from thinking. Destiny is not a puzzle game and shouldn’t act like they are. Take the puzzles out and allow players to shoot their way through tough challenges for rewards

  • kevin gonzalez
    kevin gonzalez

    Can you show all the guns you used or the once you recommend for this Raid?

  • AdachiAndMarie

    Why does every raid require you to do the most can't I kill the shit outta everything

  • Juan santiago
    Juan santiago

    thats too much memorizing

  • Shannen Wright-Sharp
    Shannen Wright-Sharp

    I’m scared. Gonna watch 6 more times.

  • Solus

    25:46 Noooo it’s not inverted, don’t confuse people. If the oracle seer looks at the oracles and sees for example (Far Right, Close Right, Close Left) the team in Jungle or Desert HAS to shoot them in THAT order the exact way THEY see the oracles in their area (Desert or Jungle). And either way, they have to go to that platform anyway, that platform is designed to shoot down the oracles. Don’t confuse people Kackis.

  • Dale Smires
    Dale Smires

    Does bungee plan on doing anything about the cheating going on in the crucible

  • yug bhatia
    yug bhatia

    Hey kackis how good is vex mythoclast on controller?

  • The Earth Sausage
    The Earth Sausage

    Still my favorite raid

  • Alex Mayer
    Alex Mayer

    Ok, I’m really dumb, I’ve been looking everywhere for the location of the raid and is nowhere to be found. I have no Venus, i checked Europe, Nessus, Moon etc and i dont see it. PLEASE tell me where it is. Thanks!

    • Ahmed Imran imran
      Ahmed Imran imran

      @Alex Mayer lol np gl

    • Alex Mayer
      Alex Mayer

      @Ahmed Imran imran OMG 😳 i thought it was a pvp mode and never clicked on it since it’s in that group with Crucible, Gambit and Vanguard. Weird location. Thanks a lot bruh!! Wow! Now i gotta find 5 friends hahaha 🤪

    • Ahmed Imran imran
      Ahmed Imran imran

      There's a thing called leegends to the right side of gambit playlist its there😂

  • Shadow monarch
    Shadow monarch

    I’m 1282 right now so I’m saving this for when I’m able to do the raid. Can’t wait to start grinding this raid

  • Papa Frank
    Papa Frank

    It's hard for somebody new to raids. Every post I see for raids on the companion app says "1330 minimum, 10 clears, kwyd, titans only, have divinity." Like damn. I'll never get to do a raid :/

  • XchaoticchaseX

    What auto rifle are you running?

    • Ahmed Imran imran
      Ahmed Imran imran

      Chroma rush

  • Jerry300zx1


  • alec leblanc
    alec leblanc

    I don’t even need this, I just want the feeling of being a noob again in D1.

  • NoTalker _
    NoTalker _

    They should make that shield an exotic

  • Kenny Penny
    Kenny Penny

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  • CaptainFord Vlogs
    CaptainFord Vlogs

    It felt weird hearing "I'm Rick Kackis" Instead of "Rick Kackis here"

  • panopoulos panos
    panopoulos panos

    In 4 raid's i get 2 mithoclast

  • Sarthak Malhotra
    Sarthak Malhotra

    My man why is your intro 15fps?

  • nathanielLEGACY

    It’s not a secret ledge I would say at the beginning considering the age of the raid being D1 and all. Great guide. Keep doing what your doing sir. Always helpful and appreciated

  • William LoCascio
    William LoCascio

    Prepping for my 1st raid ever @Kackis , can't thank you enough for this content with your time and effort!

  • PKchaos14

    Thanks for the guide! I was able to join an LFG group and understand all the mechanics! Cleared successfully with only a few wipes.

    • Jack Ozbourne
      Jack Ozbourne

      How many hrs did it take?

  • yOuNgDoPe707

    On PS5 looking for folks to help me out! This video is nostalgic af!! Its been years since i’ve played the VOG; mobsterz invite meh: yOuNgDoPe707

  • InsertNameHere

    When I invite people to play The Vault Of Glass they rage quit at the first encounter. I guess I have to solo this.

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      People kick because I don't know what to do that's because I'm in this video Ps. I have never played a raid

    • Thuramir's House
      Thuramir's House

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  • King Snipe1011 !
    King Snipe1011 !

    Feels like the old days. Back when Old Destiny was hard and better

  • Spìcy Nugget
    Spìcy Nugget

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  • Saucy Dangles
    Saucy Dangles

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