Destiny 2: TITANS MUST WATCH! | Xur Location & Inventory (Sept 10 - 13)
Where is Xur Today? Bungie changed Xur for the first time in YEARS! Now EVERY PLAYER should check Xur's Inventory Every Weekend! (Xur Location & Inventory Sept 10 -13)

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New video, a Xur Inventory Review (September 10 to 13) after the Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, we are discussing where is Xur?, but not just the Xur Location today for the weekend of sept 3 to 6! But also the fact that Xur is selling Legendary Weapons and Legendary High Stat Armor! You can now get Xur God Rolls! This weekend there is a great high-stat roll for the Helm of Saint-14, an S-Tier PvE Titan Exotic!

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  • KackisHD

    Even I bought that Helm because my current rolls don't have enough resilience! (You need 9 or 10 or your bubble pops super easily) Join the Discord ► NEW AdvancedGG Flavors ► Join the Discord ► Save on Astro Products ► More Destiny 2 Videos ►

    • Smokey TheBeast
      Smokey TheBeast

      That makes so much sense I was wondering why my bubble was lasting a lot longer than my buddies bubble I'm running a hundred resilience he's running like 60 and it is a noticeable difference he was even complaining about it saying I had bubble hacks

    • Johnny
      Johnny "GOT GAMES" Zanderberg

      I haven't seen Xur or TRIALS today! My game keeps doing a never ending loading screen...smh Any other games works but not D2?

    • Tank Burrr
      Tank Burrr

      I didn't know resilience affects the bubble

    • Dylan Marques
      Dylan Marques

      Do you buy the weekly exotic engram?

  • Spidey

    Anyone know where he is rn?

  • guyinthecorner

    tf is spikey

  • Crispy

    My boy flyover got his comment on ricks video lmao

  • ITZYAboiGAVIN 63826
    ITZYAboiGAVIN 63826

    Of all my years playing, I never knew there was a tunnel to him

  • Xx Death xX
    Xx Death xX

    Yeah bring the helm of saint 14 RIGHT when I get it from a random drop. Fuck you xur

  • K. Gabriel Kretchmer
    K. Gabriel Kretchmer

    I only have a 59 roll so to see a 62 roll??!?! 😏👌

  • Kevin Kevinson
    Kevin Kevinson

    0:30 I just jump straight up there. There's a Cave!??

  • Matt

    Wow trying to sound like Asmongold with the intro. Here's a tip. Don't.

  • Brandon Reinlander
    Brandon Reinlander

    Rick "smacking your" kackis here

  • Daylost

    I'm starting to believe The Stag just doesn't exist😞

  • MikeCool CheeseHarry
    MikeCool CheeseHarry

    Is it me or does xur always have crappy stat lvl armor for titan? Lol

  • JLPAG1

    It's Rick "Would you like fries with that?" Kackis

  • Blake Schafer
    Blake Schafer

    Rick "the helmet stayed on" kackis here

  • Sameer Panday
    Sameer Panday

    It's rick " with the thickest "kackis over here

  • Jerry Casper
    Jerry Casper

    How in the world do you get 34,000+ legendary shards? If I reach 50+ I feel good about myself. Help!

  • Reezico

    smh xur really brings back that trash ass armor set instead of a different one that has this seasons logo on IOs .

  • Dylan Hall
    Dylan Hall

    I never knew there was a tunnel path, I always just parkoured😂

  • Luke Overthere
    Luke Overthere

    Rick please don't scorn me for spilling my vex milk Kackis

  • Zack shotwell
    Zack shotwell

    Rick “ my intros are super annoying “ khackis

  • J A
    J A

    Okay let’s not exaggerate on the helmet. It’s the most meh exotic a Titan can use. Very few situations where it’s useful as it’s mainly just used for its dmg buff. Ursa is better in GMs and falling star exists which one shots bosses

  • Zenith Night
    Zenith Night

    Personally I like the Helm of Saint with resilience and intellect higher than average and then recovery as the tertiary stat

  • Zenith Night
    Zenith Night

    People got different opinions on Kackis but man I like the energy and feedback. I appreciate it and all

  • nolan esping
    nolan esping

    I got the notification for this 18 hours after it was posted, that bell doesn’t do crap

  • Stephan Robert
    Stephan Robert

    The stats seems trivial. If it looks cool I'm getting it

  • Stainsby Kingsby
    Stainsby Kingsby

    However long we are into Destiny 2 now and I had no idea that cave under the ship existed… I always just jumped… 😂

  • Mida Multi-Tool
    Mida Multi-Tool

    What is up guys, it’s ya boi Rick “it’s ya boi Rick “It’s ya boi Rick” Kackis” Kackis here

  • chaosrainX


  • Deterious The Chosen
    Deterious The Chosen

    Rick "YEEEEEEEEEES!" Khackis here

  • CitrousJaguar

    He had an iron banner weapon the first week fyi lol (bite of the fox)

  • mr mrmr
    mr mrmr

    I just came back to Destiny, thank you for these videos. By spikey you mean one or two important stats that stand out in numeric leveling compared to the others?

  • Bommer

    Bruh, I've been playing D2 since the beta and I never knew there was a cave that goes up to the spot where Xur is. I've been scaling that wall for years

  • Tony C
    Tony C

    I have a melee build. 30 seconds for my Merle to fill up but having the Monte Carlo paired with synthoceps I get my melee every 3-5 seconds

  • Mihail Ivanov
    Mihail Ivanov

    Titans must watch! The helmet is okay.... Feels like clickbait.

  • Ant Rich
    Ant Rich

    In all my years of d2 i never knew there was a cave path up to him inthe edz. Makes .e wonder what other secrets he holds

  • Noisy graph
    Noisy graph

    That hunter chest piece is a literal God roll it's got high stats with none wasted in strength or resilience. The three highest stats are also the most important ones mobility recovery and intellect for hunters. I have a solar chest piece that's better but it's still good to buy them for the other elements. I bought three of them and made one arc one void and one stasis and stored them away in case I need an element swap for a future build.

  • Mark Fedun
    Mark Fedun

    This is a scam title, why should "titans must watch!!" This was litterally trash.. thx for wasting my time dude

  • Desmond The Otter
    Desmond The Otter

    Kackis: "58 stat roll is far to low" *me who has armor around 52's, 55's and and maybe a 60* WELL.....guess ill go fuck myself

  • Sound Playground
    Sound Playground

    Rick “I'm not a member of the Math Class Clan but Datto gives me advanced Algebra lessons on the weekends” Kackis here.

  • New-Effect 15
    New-Effect 15

    REPENT Jesus is coming soon accept Jesus as your lord and savior and believe in your heart that God rose him from the dead. God loves you so much that he sent his only begotten son to die for you and your sin

  • Sound Playground
    Sound Playground

    Rick “in some alternate dimension pineapple does belong on pizza” Kackis here!

  • Duncan Trice
    Duncan Trice

    Give me lucky pants xur!

  • eddie ford
    eddie ford

    Rick "the helmet stayed on" kackis

  • Sassy Sasquatch
    Sassy Sasquatch

    S tier is a bit of s stretch. click bait

  • Felipe Augusto
    Felipe Augusto

    im loving this xur tips bro,Thank you !!

  • Hunter Nelson
    Hunter Nelson

    "TITANS MUST WATCH" emblazoned in the title when the best thing he says is that the helmet roll is pretty good and worth consideration. clickbait like this makes me want to unsubscribe so badly. Just name your videos appropriately and don't try to trick people into watching them

  • Coleton Sticka
    Coleton Sticka

    Dude I listen alot but please don't make me watch a xur location video because you want a crazy title for your video

  • Malcolm Swint
    Malcolm Swint

    rick "godroll farming" kackis

  • FlyFromThePath

    Rick "bug chittering noises" (except the actual sound" kackis

  • Nemesis

    Coming back to destiny after 4 years, would probably be helpful if you showed the map and exact location where he is

  • dragon blade2095
    dragon blade2095

    So where is the freelance trials of osiris playlist

  • Nathan Straub
    Nathan Straub

    Rick “ SHOW ME WHAT’CHU GOT” Kackis

  • 2nd Sucks
    2nd Sucks

    Rick "Whether we wanted it or not, we are at war with the cabal" Kackis Here

  • Keebla

    Do you ever not digress ?

  • Philosopher Cez
    Philosopher Cez

    Rick "guardian down!" Kackis here...

  • Leon Peacock
    Leon Peacock

    Rick “it’s coming right for us” kackis here

  • Calculated Declination
    Calculated Declination

    Do you plan on doing resilience testing with bubble and well after the resilience changes? How would having 90 resilience affect the bubble? Will it be just as bad with well? I must know. +_+

  • Reese Jackson
    Reese Jackson

    Rick "they will try to kill you....kill them back" kackis

  • soulo hoe
    soulo hoe

    You’re a fraud

  • jjkm

    Rick "are ya winning son?" Kackis here

  • Raphael Jacobs
    Raphael Jacobs

    Rick “i’m a goofy goober YEAH” here

  • Israel Diaz
    Israel Diaz

    Rick "THIS IS AMAZING!" Kackis

  • Risdon

    Rick "Astley" Kackis here.

  • Veanly

    Rick “i’ll make u rich brother…i promise” here

  • D.R. Mikkelsen
    D.R. Mikkelsen

    That is a good roll but amazingly, mine is better ... I got lucky on my least played character...

  • judah theurer
    judah theurer

    Look I am a titan main for over 7 years starting like 2 days go I know this is a good exotic but for void classes there are much better ones like ursas or doom fangs both are game changers a bubble is meant for one thing buff team damage and last resort to snag a raz. So blinding someone dumb enough to walk in is bottom of my priority list.

    • Sound Playground
      Sound Playground

      Yeah, the Helm of Saint-14 was only really useful back in D1. It used to be so good at dropping a bubble down in locations where enemies would spawn and instantly blind them!

  • Generic Canadian
    Generic Canadian

    Rick "Die! Die! Di-(cough) Sorry. I've been watching too many Iron Banner matches. What time is it? Shaxx? Shaxx, are you there? Can you get me a water? Stop yelling, it's just a question. I'm not old!" Kackis here

  • Extreme Egg
    Extreme Egg

    Huh, Banshee had both those Serapth weapons this week as well I had noticed.

  • Nivek Fiasco
    Nivek Fiasco

    Rick "beating shattered throne boss before Rick Kackis can finish his intro" Kackis

  • Zhagtin Vehrakt
    Zhagtin Vehrakt

    Monte "Infinite Melee" Carlo is nothing short of amazing.

    • Chris R
      Chris R

      Ammmm money now that's an issue considering the involved without the involved knowing

  • Jamon C.W. David
    Jamon C.W. David

    Rick "nice soup" Kackis here.

  • Stuart Pawley
    Stuart Pawley

    Rick "some one needs to tell Crow the truth" Kackis here.

  • Fuse Jokester
    Fuse Jokester

    Rick "WHAT! WHAT! HOW?" Kackis

  • Stuart Pawley
    Stuart Pawley

    Rick "Bring me your freinds we need more like you " Kackis here.

  • Stuart Pawley
    Stuart Pawley

    Rick" oh guardian mine" Kackis here.

  • lil konuk
    lil konuk

    Rick “how’s your sister” Kackis

  • Tortino

    Rick “Rare blue quality sparrows” Kackis

  • Jacob Craig
    Jacob Craig

    I thought the seventh seraph auto was a 600 rpm rifle?

  • Zeke Solot
    Zeke Solot

    Make a video on the reeds regret roll of triple tap vorpal

  • JT Solutions
    JT Solutions

    Rick"SEVETH COLUMN!!!!!"kickis here

  • Dragon Spade
    Dragon Spade

    Rick "How's your sister?" Kackis here

  • Smokey TheBeast
    Smokey TheBeast

    I hope he rotates gear sets because that's cool for anybody looking to make some ornaments and may be missing a few pieces

  • Gabster Wabster
    Gabster Wabster

    Wouldn't box breathing 1 shot guardians in pvp??

  • HobosAteMyChicken

    why is this a titan must watch if none of the gear was good for titan

  • Carrot


  • Jafet Contreras
    Jafet Contreras

    Rick “damn son where’d you find that?” Kackis

  • Cupid

    Rick “My name has been My name is Rick Kackis here” Kackis

  • Interlaser

    Yeah....never playing Destiny again. Straight up deleting everything today and leaving all Destiny server's. I'm done, I quit.

    • BigburgerBUD

      @Interlaser ok, I guess a lot of people are leaving destiny now for many different reasons like how bungee is managing it, the toxic player base and a ton of other reasons so I can understand

    • Interlaser

      @BigburgerBUD That's only a small 5% of it for me. Just my overall experience I had with the game.

    • BigburgerBUD

      @Interlaser then why leave the comment if you don’t provide context? Was it because the massive paid for content they removed with the planets? Because I understand that

    • Interlaser

      @BigburgerBUD You don't need context if I'm gone and never to play again. My Destiny experience in both 1&2 have been ruined and I'm just done. That's all you, or anyone else is EVER getting out of me. I refuse to be in this kind of a community, and I'm disappointed. Never thought I'd be saying that I'd be leaving a game I enjoy for good, but I guess things like this come to life eventually. Well....Here be Dragons...

    • BigburgerBUD

      I need context

  • nox__eternis __
    nox__eternis __

    Ima keep it a buck. I didn’t know you could get up there that way. Thought you just had to jump from the right all the way up

  • Chip Cunningham
    Chip Cunningham

    Why do Titans HAVE to watch this?

    • BigburgerBUD

      That’s what I thought I guess easy clickbait for Titans like me

  • Thy Sir Of Gaming
    Thy Sir Of Gaming

    Rick *insert shax's laugh* kackis here

  • Escobar JR
    Escobar JR

    I'm actually extremely lucky, just finished beyond light and got heart of inmost light from xur!!! Pvp here i come!!

  • Devon Presley
    Devon Presley

    my liar’s role was different than the one in this video

  • Fear

    Rick "Shaxx buddy, a little betting never hurt anybody" Kackis here

  • Travis McDonnell
    Travis McDonnell

    Rick"Dat shit's Bussin!" Kackis here

  • BedroomBully815

    if you do not have seventh seraph weapons I would grab them for their warmind cell perk (warminds nerfed but still viable) at least until you can get a better roll on them

  • Cosmic Sparrow
    Cosmic Sparrow

    6 minutes?! I like that.

  • Alexander Pérez
    Alexander Pérez

    Rick “spank me please” Kackis here

  • Josh Bryan
    Josh Bryan

    Rick "extra thicc!" Kackis

  • BLS G
    BLS G

    Kackis, don’t pretend you don’t jump up the side like the rest of us to get to xur. You are possibly the only destiny player that knows that route

    • LoneSilverW0lf

      I accidentally found that back in Red War.