Destiny 2: New Exotic Quest! - Tracing the Stars 2 Guide! | Season of the Lost
Guide for the Tracing the Stars new Exotic Quest for Week 1 and Week 2 of Destiny 2: Season of the lost! Showcasing all of the Atlas Skew Locations to eventually get the Ager's Scepter Exotic!

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New video, Guide for Tracing the Stars 1 and Tracing the Stars 2 Quests in the new Destiny 2 Season! Launched after the Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, we have the Tracing the Stars Quest Guide! Showcasing all of the Atlas Skews in the Dreaming CIty:
-Strand Towering Statue
-Strand Gazebo Statue
-Garden Waterfall
-Garden Bridge Tree
-Aphelion Brazier

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    • BasilicaSix

      I followed this guide to pick up the skews only to realise I didn't actually have the part of the quest on my Hunter. So I switched to the Warlock. Long story short the skews aren't there anymore for any of my characters and the quest doesn't show me as having picked any up. Any advice on what I should to to fix?

    • Rocmond Woods
      Rocmond Woods

      Can u help me with presage mission pls? Anyone

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      @Joshua Kobayashi now thats a win win

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    This quest isn’t here anymore ? How do I get this

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    The gazebo bro, such a great description, can we get a map check or something, that tells me nothing, I don’t know where Petra hangs out!

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    Matthew Kelly

    The first tracing the stars quest never showed up for me

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    Didnt have this quest on my titan (my main) then realized I picked it up on my hunter ugh

  • Brian

    This is bull$&@$. I paid for this quest and can’t enjoy the grind.

  • Brian

    Man I’m pissed. For some reason, my progress reset after finding the first few last week. Had to delete the quest and go pick it back up. I hope that works. What a waste of my time though.

  • Rick Magee
    Rick Magee

    Why are these so hard to find? How did you find these? Is there a Ghost mod that helps you with these?

  • bucket

    At 2:33 if you turn into the cave next to the skew you’ll find a cat which you can give an offering to and have the chance at making a decent reward from it

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    Amber Zopsa

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  • Tomoya Okazaki
    Tomoya Okazaki

    this honestly felt like click bait...based on the title, I thought it was a guide on how to get the exotic weapon, implying we could get the exotic right now. But all this is discussing is the first 2 parts of that quest that almost everyone has already done (probably without knowing that it's an exotic quest).

  • Ttv_King0716_YT

    Now… when we get all four skews and get the portal open. Will we still need to wait until the fifth week? Or will we get the exotic quest out-right on the fourth week?

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    Stop speeding up the video when going to the location

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    Worst guiding video ever seen...

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    the Grimmreaper

    What do I do I have the lower cliff side twice ?

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    This was extremely helpful, thank you!

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    Jeffrey Owyong

    Your guide is terrible. You need to improve. If you do not know how to do it look at others content creator. Their guide is much better, easier to follow.

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    Tony Wiggins

    who are the people that dislike the videos?

  • sgtdozer24

    In the garden I found something on top of the waterfall but I couldn’t get to it. It’s immune to dmg as well, any ideas?

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    Felipe Augusto

    damn this exotic better be good!!

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  • OmsSs96

    I can't start the quest as it's not there. It literally disappeared after I purchased the season pass. Anyone that can help or had same experience?

    • NoTalker _
      NoTalker _

      Go to the quest archive it's there in seasonal

    • NoTalker _
      NoTalker _

      Same problem

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    My skewers were 3 in the strand and 2 in the garden

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    Make a video of how to get exotic ships in season of the lost

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    Mine is bugged and the atlas won't show up in the middle cave and quest can't go forward. Spent that time finding them all and that one will not spawn no matter what I do. Sucks

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    The first one isn't there for me...

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    are trace rifles considered auto rifles ? so you can use them as anti barrier weapons ?

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    actual part 2 starts at 4:58

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    ETA: My quest updated for the next step in the quest. I don't know if Bungie corrected the issue so that it allows for account wide recognition or not. Until they put something out, I'd still be cautious. Original Post: If you haven't started the exotic linear fusion rifle quest yet, or have started it only on one character, do NOT pick up any of the Skews with any character other than the one with the quest active. I had it active on my Hunter, but picked up two of the skews with one of my other characters. Now, my quest is bugged and the skew are unavailable for the Hunter. Picking up the quest on the other two toons did not correct the issue. I've already posted on the Bungie forums about it and the moderator said Bungie was working on a solution.

    • Ancient Alien
      Ancient Alien

      Damn I think this happened to me thanks for info hopefully they fix it soon

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