I think I just BROKE Destiny 2 with this New Perk...
Season of the Lost added New Weapon Perks to Destiny 2! And one of those Perks is Shoot to Loot! This perk is a LOT better than people think! Especially because it has a BROKEN Combo!
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New video, showcasing the new "Shoot to Loot" Weapon perk, added in Season of the Lost! This is After the Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, we are discussing the new Shoot to Loot weapon perk, which spawns on the Velpecula Hand Cannon God Roll! This is one of the best hand cannons for high level content in Grandmaster Nightfalls and Raids! But shoot to loot has a broken combo when combined with the Overflow Weapon perk! This could result in some of the Best DPS Loadouts for raid bosses!

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    • Chris Jackson
      Chris Jackson

      Can you do a video on guns that actually have overflow after the new season...

    • Jacksonmontyart

      Rick “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” Kackis here

    • Best Gun
      Best Gun

      @Hard Luck Mk. 52 Did not know you meant essence of rage.

    • Hard Luck Mk. 52
      Hard Luck Mk. 52

      @Best Gunnot to pry but what did rage mean to you?

    • Hard Luck Mk. 52
      Hard Luck Mk. 52

      @Best Gun also to my knowledge I can only obtain the essence from the corresponding nightmare hunt

  • Darkdraco002

    Everyone i knew in d1 used shoot to loot. We were too squishy back then so we couldnt just run out to get ammo as often.

  • BlueSunsChurch

    Hay guys its i love pbj's kackis

  • Anonymity Ix
    Anonymity Ix

    Took a little long to get to the point on this one

  • ZachariahKristina Klein
    ZachariahKristina Klein

    Dragonfly and shoot to loot on the bow is even better with this to me. The explosion instantly hits any ammo the guy you just killed dropped 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • BeenLogic

    This perk isn’t new it’s from d 1

  • geforcehan

    Rick, the Playstation is as loud as a jet engine, Kackis herr

  • Mr Shortypants
    Mr Shortypants

    More click bait . . . He not broke the game ! I still log on and play fine ! ! !

  • bigmike_da_ ninja
    bigmike_da_ ninja

    I use it with Harmony or explosive payload all day hands down my fav gun

  • Eminent HERO
    Eminent HERO

    Rick “Anything Is Possible With Family” Kackis

  • Zbyszek Lisiak
    Zbyszek Lisiak

    If you have Clown Cartridge on any weapon it will DBL. 3 RL on DPS wow

  • Fluke

    This video could have been 2 mins lol

  • Randy Butternubs
    Randy Butternubs

    I think they should keep shoot to loot exactly the way it is. Also, I'd love to see how this effects sweet business or Tommy's matchbook.

  • Paul Kemp
    Paul Kemp

    Rick " Do the truffle shuffle" kackis here.

  • CladXylophone0

    Imagine if the Sweet Business had overflow.

  • This Guy
    This Guy


  • Zac carman
    Zac carman

    I will never understand the destiny community. Why make a big deal of this. WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT INFINITE AMMO FIGHTING LION?! Like wtf is wrong with all of you 10 min into infinite ammo I had already confirmed and found it is unlimited AND doesn't effect you special drops so you can run it with a special weapon like dsc shotgun or sniper and a sword or linear fusion it's insanely good. Don't know why anything else is really being discussed it's ridiculous fun and crazy powerful

  • RoBaDoB143

    Rick "Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars" Kackis

  • NaeNaeLootGoblin

    Do this while having xenophage equipped then the real fun begins

  • Matt Matuk
    Matt Matuk

    Not sure I see this being too broken. It doesn't give you more ammo, just gives the mag higher ammo from your reserves. So your DPS goes up but the amount of bullets you get total does not change. This seems like it was intended.

  • Alkindi .I
    Alkindi .I

    any fusion rifles with over flow

  • wero

    Rick "Let your hate flow through you"(Palpatine's Voice) Kakis

  • Obrien Hart
    Obrien Hart

    Rick "Are you dead yet?" Kackis


    Commenting in the middle of the vid so may have already been brought up but if your special/heavy ammo (depending on what you shoot) is already full, shooting ammo boxes will reload your kinetic without consuming the ammo box effectively making it so you never have to reload your HC. edit: Also just thought of something: In PvP if someone grabs heavy ammo and you kill him, you could just shoot the heavy brick and grab it right?

  • Alesa Parker
    Alesa Parker

    It's your boy "You just never stop, do you? Took out Ghaul. Woke up the traveler..." Kackis here. 🤣 after hearing it for multiple years I think we miss it xD

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez

    Bungie won't nerf this because most of the perks this season are pretty mediocre.

  • Urban Sasquatch
    Urban Sasquatch

    Rick "It's ya boi, Rick Khakis" Khakis here.

  • The Cassette
    The Cassette

    what if that's what they intended?

  • Deterious The Chosen
    Deterious The Chosen

    Guardian: *gets tripod activated* Shaxx: Look wat u have Guardian: *gets 6 rocket shots* Shaxx: *jaw drops*

  • ZachariahKristina Klein
    ZachariahKristina Klein

    My question was does shoot to loot make boxes easier to pick up with explosive rounds?

  • ZachariahKristina Klein
    ZachariahKristina Klein

    Bungie will fix this ASAP I bet

  • smokeyd88

    Rick, "You gotta have all seals unlocked, be light level 3000 and must have Gjallarhorn to join fire team," Kackis here.

  • Casey Wilson
    Casey Wilson

    I went through a whole mag with Shoot to Loot, trying to pick up a Special brick by shooting it and it never picked up. Are there some quirks that make it work better?

  • abc abc
    abc abc

    I used to keep a green vanilla D1 scout rifle with shoot to loot perk.

  • Anthony Barnes
    Anthony Barnes

    Wow awesome find.


    I got this drop too the explosive rounds pick up ammo with splash damage

  • William Hodnett
    William Hodnett

    Wow I could just imagine best setup with the rocket launcher the truth

  • Jacksonmontyart

    Rick “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” Kackis here

  • Min Woo Suzuki
    Min Woo Suzuki

    Rick "you underestimate my power" Kackis here

  • David Beltran
    David Beltran

    Rick"that comment section is out of control" Kackis

  • Twwinzer

    Rick “ she must be from dirty docks” Kackis


    Hey I'm a vet from d1 and I'm d2 day1 player as well but I've only done one raid. And I have been trying to get the malfeasance sense it dropped I'm on the darkness of the light mission and cant get pass it on my own I've try the clan I'm part of I've tried randoms I've ment in game I've tried 3 different dicords I love this game but the fact that I'm blocked from this and other good content all cuz of me being a quiet person I'd extremely frustrating this is my last ask on if i can get any help(I'm on ps5 my tag is ZOMBIEUNICORN311)

  • MasyMase

    Rick “The Rock” Kackis here.

  • Tony Gunz 916
    Tony Gunz 916

    this perk was awesome in d1, havent been lucky enough to roll it with another good perk yet.

  • Super Toilet
    Super Toilet

    "I think I broke destiny" using a perk combo that lucky 10p posted almost a week ago.

  • Will Lloyd
    Will Lloyd

    Hey Ricky Boi if you shoot ammo and walk at same time you can get x2 ammo it’s insane!

  • Luis Ruiz Llamas
    Luis Ruiz Llamas

    Rick "People say my intro is very long but i dont give a fck" kackis here

  • Mark Peotter, Jr.
    Mark Peotter, Jr.

    Rick "my intros are really annoying"

  • enygma001

    Rick..."this isn't even my real name" Kackis here

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    Rick '' That wizard came from the moon!'' Kackis here

  • Jonathan Hofgärtner
    Jonathan Hofgärtner

    love the clickbait as always, my dude

  • Sebastian Stuart
    Sebastian Stuart

    I got the utter god role of the profecy sniper in pve I needa try this out

  • NickJayDAR

    Please for the love of god please don’t nerf this bungie

  • xxenthusedgames

    Rick "that comment section is outta control" kackis

  • philip j gilbert
    philip j gilbert

    This is so gonna get nerfed big style

  • Jason Thurman
    Jason Thurman

    Richard Kockkiss here.!!!

  • Shaughn Terrill
    Shaughn Terrill

    Rick “please don’t hit my” Kackis here!

  • Lee

    With shoot to loot, you can even steal ammo bricks in PVP from your teammates😂😂

  • Arman Daryabari
    Arman Daryabari

    Rick ‘what you know about rolling down in a deep ‘ kackis here 😂👌

  • shrubs

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    Elijah Alberts

    Rick "we might need to replace zavala he's getting a little chubby" Kackis here

  • Our Man Flint
    Our Man Flint

    Streamers using “broken” to trigger bungie fun police… stop!

  • Alex Farquharson
    Alex Farquharson

    Rick "that comment section is out of control" kackis

  • Joshua Myers
    Joshua Myers

    SavuThick Kackis

  • Simon Davis
    Simon Davis

    2 perks i throw away

  • AC

    Now I get to take out my shadow price with overflow! Gotta try this out today!

  • Great Gixy
    Great Gixy

    Do anyone else got problem in game chat between PS4 & PC ?cuse i do and i cant hear my friend on PC !

  • Hauke Haien
    Hauke Haien

    Thx for the info. But tbh you don't have to spend 5:30 until talking about the core message.

  • Craig Y
    Craig Y

    Just thinking about the 'running out of ammo' situation from a safe location in GM example.. many times in the past I have ran out of ammo and just used all my primary on purpose so the game refunds my special and heavy.. now we're in a primary 'unlimited ammo' place, that's not gonna be possible anymore is it.. damn, it just made me realise actually

  • G K
    G K

    Rick " Lilu Dallas Multi pass" kackis


    Rick " Six of us went down into the pit" kackis

  • Laurie Sincula
    Laurie Sincula

    rick "loves khakis" kackis here every time I type kackis in it autocorrects to khakis

  • Tatsumi plays
    Tatsumi plays

    Character has been around since Hazen came out you actually go unlock out of your way just to get excuse might work and was very inconsistent but still now you made it more consistent and also available on all the other classes

  • Grumulon Games
    Grumulon Games

    Rick "Wait for it..............." Kackis

  • Ezzy N
    Ezzy N

    Bungie please be cool for once and let us have this one

  • xXNinjaVoidXx

    Rick “[insert rickroll here]” Kackis here

  • Bloodsells 6922
    Bloodsells 6922


  • L M
    L M

    Shoot to loot on a scout rifle is going to be insane

  • Aaron Heinzmann
    Aaron Heinzmann


  • Vex Mythoclast
    Vex Mythoclast

    Rick “Hows your sister?” Kackis

  • TheThird Meatball
    TheThird Meatball

    Tbh i want the old kackis intro back for like 1 vid

  • Chris Barnhardt
    Chris Barnhardt

    Any way you could exploit this combo with lucky pants for more DPS??

  • fsh fgasdf
    fsh fgasdf

    Rick "guys, thank you so much for stopping by, make sure to hit that like and subscribe button to support the channel, and let me know what you think my next intro should be, that comment section is wild" Kackis

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    Ricky Steamboat

    Rick the deadly kackis

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    Gavin Wock

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  • Raziel Jenova
    Raziel Jenova

    Srry Rick, Sympathetic Arsenal on a Bow will do better since it is a seasonal mod and for bossses we'll be not using primaries.

  • David Piggott
    David Piggott

    Just got a double perk Vulpecula from umbral decoder, with StL in third column and EP or Harmony in fourth. Nice!

  • Garion Vogel
    Garion Vogel

    I find bungies Destiny 2 builds quite funny, they want you to be able to build amazing builds, people find amazing ones and they need the crap out of them til they’re never used again, like I understand power creep, but do you guys really need to nerf things so badly??

  • Wes Schepman
    Wes Schepman

    So basically they just brought a perk back from D1 got it thank you

  • Dark

    Rick *stay silent for 10 seconds* Kackis here

  • Sub for sub I want that money to.
    Sub for sub I want that money to.

    How do you get this gun?

  • boomish69

    Nope nope, not doing intros ever, skip and know when a joke is over..

  • Jakub Marjanski
    Jakub Marjanski

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    Hentai Akuma

    Try that hand cannon with lucky pants

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    Celeste Nation

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  • Josh Coulbeck
    Josh Coulbeck

    Rick i love the smell of napalm in the morning kackis here

  • Dylan Winter
    Dylan Winter

    I got the same roll on the hand cannon and found that you still need to hit the brick fully with the bullet and the explosive payload will not prock the shoot to loot

  • Andres Hernandez
    Andres Hernandez

    Rick “omelette du fromage” Kackis here