Destiny 2: If you have the Vex Mythoclast, you NEED to try This Build!
Showcasing A Titan Build in Destiny 2: Season of the lost that makes arguably the Best Exotic in Destiny 2, the Vex Mythoclast, EVEN BETTER!

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New video, showcasing a Vex Mythoclast Titan Build for PvE! This comes after the Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, ae are making the vex mythoclast vault of glass raid exotic even better! Using the Path of Burning Steps titan exotic, the "particle deconstruction" Artifact Mod (the best PvE mod in destiny 2), and more, we can achieve an insane amount of DPS!

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  • KackisHD

    From trash last season, to broken this season lol NEW AdvancedGG Flavors ► Join the Discord ► Save on Astro Products ► More Destiny 2 Videos ►

    • KeyVoid HD
      KeyVoid HD

      @Limit Breaker preach

    • Mr Freeze
      Mr Freeze

      Agreed mister Kackis

    • Ike Preece
      Ike Preece

      Total clown lost a ton of respect

    • Ike Preece
      Ike Preece


    • Ike Preece
      Ike Preece

      It’s not broken it’s called a build. Shut up. Vex is really good because of a seasonal artifact mod. Please stop calling for nerfs you loser.

  • Robotmaniac4000

    Just got vex yesterday on my 39th run. Thing shreds literally everything. It’s especially destructive with particle d. Can’t wait to finally try out this build!

  • David Yohnson
    David Yohnson

    Can anyone carry through vault of glass? On Xbox

  • G4mbit

    Rick "[insect-like chittering]" kackis


    After using it for a little I can see a nerf coming…but damn I hope it doesn’t happen


    Just got mine today🥺🥺🥺

  • Tyler Frazier
    Tyler Frazier

    I did vog 6 times and it dropped for me

  • Siegebreaker the 1st
    Siegebreaker the 1st

    Rick "SEVENTH COLUMN" Kackis here

  • CosmicAgent

    Hope this doesn't sound too crazy or weird one of your intros can you say "hey what is up guys it's ya boi rick--*my will is not my own!*--kackis here!" THAT would make my day right there. 😂

  • Nero Ponce
    Nero Ponce

    Vex Mythoclackis here!

  • David Partida
    David Partida

    Rick " I broke the game" Kackis

  • John Gates
    John Gates

    Rick “Berries and cream, berries and cream, I’m a little lad who likes berries and creeeaaamm!” Kackis.

  • Ken Murdock
    Ken Murdock

    In this episode he's Rick "But wait, there's more!" Kackis

  • Joshua Day
    Joshua Day

    The damage does stack with high energy fire the damage can be over 7.5k per shot and 76k for linear fusion rifle

  • Gorignac

    Sorry, just got to watch this one. With that build, why choose Protective Light over High Energy Fire? That should add even more damage. You might even get up to %200.

  • Kenzel Soto
    Kenzel Soto

    Thanks for ruining another gun!

  • Max Paskewich
    Max Paskewich

    Rick “I only do gambit quotes” Kackis

  • Dadpool and Family
    Dadpool and Family

    You can do a similar thing with the Warlock's Battle Harmony chest.

  • Zephyr FPV
    Zephyr FPV

    Got my Vex today after Vog and I gotta say it..."it's disgustingly OP" XD

  • Mida Multi-Tool
    Mida Multi-Tool

    Rick “we’re going to make the problem, MORE OF A PROBLEM!” Kackis here

  • Tim Fraser
    Tim Fraser

    Man I need to get the catalyst!

  • Henry Bryant
    Henry Bryant

    how does it interact with the sun warrior buff on bottom tree solar?

  • smokeyd88

    Rick, "You gotta have all seals unlocked, be light level 3000 and must have Gjallarhorn to join fire team," Kackis here.

  • FourthPaladin

    Bungie needs to do what they should have done at D2 launch- no weapon abilities apply to crucible. Even the playing field, and voila, no mo problems & no more bullshit…

  • Seamon Protector
    Seamon Protector

    Aztecross did this first go check out his vid

  • Jae

    I have been using this for days and I’m so happy it’s getting the attention it deserves

  • DZEH LIoNo
    DZEH LIoNo

    You gotta stop the headlines being “nerf this”. Honestly it’s just ruining our fun kak

  • Danny Cordraye
    Danny Cordraye

    You streamers with no life are so annoying. Stop trying to break the game to take away the fun for people who don’t spend 12 hours per day playing this. See keyvoids comment for better way of saying it.

  • Julio Fortis
    Julio Fortis

    It's your boy Rick" that comment section is off the chain" khakis Can't believe you have the Higher power thumbnail

  • TheDarkGenious

    just did the run. Fucking hell that last plate's oracles.

  • Cyber Dan
    Cyber Dan

    Watching this video helps remind me why I stopped playing destiny, UZmilkrs always uploading destiny videos to get items Nerfed.

  • house of wolves
    house of wolves

    And here I thought kackis was against showing or finding completely entirely broken builds especially for titans that are already annoying with slide shotguns but I guess I was wrong he's still a good content creator but if he keeps making these videos for everyone to see that will make problems in the game therefore causing Bungie to nerf or block items will at some point cause Bungie to rethink their opinion of kackis as a good source for the d2 community

  • Mr Freeze
    Mr Freeze

    Overpowered indeed !!!!

  • Cbrock68

    Another win for the titan hot pants

  • Shawn

    I just acquired this weapon after 40 got damn VOG runs and now you are calling for a nerf, just fk the fk off dude. This gun makes the game FUN, some of us play this GAME to have FUN, we actually look forward to playing after work.

  • Gaming SKITZ
    Gaming SKITZ

    Nooo! If its good dont say it needs nerfing lol

  • KoolAssKat

    Dude... just stop. Vex is fine. May be overpowered with all the bullshit you can add to it from mods, but that's the point of seasonal mods. You are trying to make a point but it's the wrong point. Just stop.

  • The REAL Cade-6
    The REAL Cade-6

    Rick " Take me with you " Kackis

  • Asa Moore
    Asa Moore

    Dammit Kackis, can you not?! It's fun!!! Why you gotta say Nerf and Vex Mythoclast in the same sentence????

  • Henry F
    Henry F

    Why would you tell them to nerf something good 😒

  • Elias Panayi
    Elias Panayi

    Rick "you just sent a large blocker to the other side, hope you're proud, I sure am" kackis here

  • chris lewis
    chris lewis

    What about builds for hunters and warlocks?

  • Caleb Whitaker
    Caleb Whitaker

    What is the transmog/shader for your mark? It looks sick

  • Chris Stephens
    Chris Stephens

    Rick "stop asking for nerfs!" Kakhis. For the love of God stop asking for nerfs!! Anarchy was already destroyed because of whiney assholes and they ruined it in ways they said they wouldn't. UZmilkrs need to STOP fucking asking for nerfs because it's ruining the game.


    Why, why, why mention “nerfing” it? People are grinding out the raid to get it to drop and having fun using it. Why not praise Bunjie for allowing it to happen instead of saying “they gotta nerf this”! I used to like watching your vids but the standard has dropped as the click desperation has risen.

  • Joe Dabro
    Joe Dabro

    Rick “that comment section is outta control” kackis here

  • Kyle Thoms
    Kyle Thoms

    This is crazy!! I know it’s not going to be the same, but I have an adrenaline junkie / demolitionist / armor pierce last breath. This thing is cray with the titan fusion grenades and ashen wake! So much fun 🤩

  • Priscilla

    NERF NERF NERF NERF EVERYTHING NERF destiny is gonna be useless idc what people say

  • Bennett Ribary
    Bennett Ribary

    I need to see this build against VoG

  • Jerico104


  • Nathaniel Allen
    Nathaniel Allen

    I wanna see how this would do in smaller boss encounters

  • Leslie Chow
    Leslie Chow

    Clickbait Kackis, r you drunk or what?

  • flip360shep1

    Rick "I need to shut up about nerfs" Kackis

  • flip360shep1

    You should shut up about a nerf until MORE PEOPLE ACTUALLY HAVE IT. ffs, what the actual fuck dude

  • Matt Wichanski
    Matt Wichanski

    Rick “that comment section is absolutely wild “ Kackis

  • Kendale Richardson
    Kendale Richardson

    It’s the mods and the titan exotic leg armor tht break the sand box bungee really don’t need to touch vex

  • Mr Canadian
    Mr Canadian

    Thanks 😑 not everyone has Vex and now getting destroyed in pvp

  • Bernd Guggi
    Bernd Guggi

    Vex being VERY good this seaon bc there is an op seasonal mod for it. Content creators: "Bungie has to nerf it". And the cycle goes on and on......

  • IsayGTRdone

    Please stop calling for nerfs. This is fine. It has given me a reason to switch from code of the missile and cuirass of the falling star combo.

    • Tom Hughes
      Tom Hughes

      This is another great point that needs to be considered!

  • tried time
    tried time

    Tunnel vision full auto darkest before is anti vex 😃

  • KarmaStrikes Back10
    KarmaStrikes Back10

    Def not overpowered at all, no need for a nerf, the mods are the ones that is making it overpowered. It's a raid exotic for a reason

  • Adamka-1

    How about you nerf deez nuts

  • FranzisFrenchFries

    One moment it sucks: buff this! One moment it rocks: nerf this!

  • Sqeaky27

    Been waiting for this video! Finally someone is covering Burning Steps Vex :)

  • Jeydog23

    Keep vex good till this season over then they gonna nerf it

  • Ben Fisher
    Ben Fisher

    Everyone stop saying vex mythoclast is broken its not broken just stop complaining about it

  • legi0n47x

    simplest nerf it can take....make it take special ammo.

  • KingSter King
    KingSter King

    "Hello it's Rick and Morty Kackis here"

  • Robert Erazo
    Robert Erazo

    I do enjoy your content but I really wish you would stop making videos and thumbnails to nerf stuff so we can enjoy it for a while. You know Bungie keeps an eye on your guys lol

  • Mr Tycoonswagg
    Mr Tycoonswagg

    Why tf do u make videos like this nobody want anything nerfed

  • LiL Bruh
    LiL Bruh

    Bungies balance team needs to be fired not even joking at this point

  • neat boi
    neat boi

    Vex is not hard to counter In pvp. This build may set up for one shot but everything’s has to be perfect to do so. You need 2 kills in 3 seconds. 2 to proc the linear and 2 to proc the exotic. Then you only have 5 seconds and headshots one shot anyway… This is possible in casual pvp but in comp it is much harder to do. 3 tapping guardians with 140 is much more consistent than vex in comp pvp. That is from my experience

  • Kale Cassidy
    Kale Cassidy

    Buffed Vex vs Last Wish when?

  • Scott North
    Scott North

    Rick "WHAT THE FRICK" do you have any consideration or thought for your fanbase or destiny community at all.. this is where its should be now it's a exotic it should be powerful and when particle accelerate gine it be back down a little..vast majority not got this because drop rate is bloidy awfull myself have 42 clears no gun it's just had a buff for season in prep for particle mod. This video is really infuriating and I can tell you not gone down well in my clan of nearly 130..videos like this is why you get flack. Everyone please upvote comment and respond to Rick responsibly and make aware these are not welcome videos when we cant get the weapon to enjoy as it should be. Thank you stay safe everyone

  • Jr.Jorge Sandoval
    Jr.Jorge Sandoval

    Well nerf would be likely a slight bit but still that is a fusion and synergizes as intended for the season So it’s best to just go make a run for it

  • Reaver

    I see no problem. It’s PvE not PvP. If your lucky enough to get it from the raid then it is fine.

  • Rob

    Rick "That Comment Section is Wild" Kackis

  • SilentRIDdlER

    Thanks you guys are going to cause destiny is going to kill vex

  • Logan Gray
    Logan Gray

    Should have been cop

  • Death Scythe
    Death Scythe

    Hating coming up against this in Crucible atm it’s broke as fuck and needs a serious nerf as it’s mapping people at sniper ranges!! Leave it alone in PVE but good god do something about PvP bungo 🤦🏻‍♂️🤞🏻

  • O.Z.

    I don’t think this gun needs a nerf, for all the titans who use their time to grind the raid for a end game weapon deserves the build. BUNGIE know exactly what their doing.

  • Garrett Hill
    Garrett Hill

    My favorite is still Ricky Kacky

  • Lawson Smith
    Lawson Smith

    Rick, “Zone advantage is yours” Kackis here

  • Ike Preece
    Ike Preece

    Didn’t even finish the video🤡

  • Chase pitcher
    Chase pitcher

    Rick “your teammates back with 2 kills”khakis here

  • Ike Preece
    Ike Preece

    Rick “I’m a stupid UZmilkr that calls for nerfs on perfectly fine weapons” kackis here

  • Lord Berkley
    Lord Berkley

    How about making one for warlocks instead of just titans?

  • Russell Barker
    Russell Barker

    One more reason the game will not let me have the Mythoclast!

  • Khaotic Intent
    Khaotic Intent

    If mithyo drops the sun spots from bottom tree sunbreaker then it would truly be S-teir

  • J SX
    J SX

    I watched this last night. Woke up this morning, found and LFG group and got that catalyst done. Insane amounts of damage!

  • Brandon Porter: I am Yasuke
    Brandon Porter: I am Yasuke

    The only thing I think Bungie needs to Nerf on this gun is the range for PVP. I've been slapped from across the map with the single charge from this gun and killed with one shot.

  • rustler08

    Time to do this build with The Toaster.

  • Eric Ribardy
    Eric Ribardy

    What is up guys, dumbass Kackis here with yet another video telling the wolrd that I dont have an actual job, yet make more money than those who do. With this video I will expose yet another broken build for Bungie to nerf. God these guys piss me off. I work 55+ hours a week to feed 3 kids. When I do get to sit and play, how about letting me use a broken build so that I may complete a Nighfall !! Stop these videos and go flip burgers !!

    • Mme Dauphin
      Mme Dauphin

      Anyways, ya poopy

    • Mme Dauphin
      Mme Dauphin

      So much grumpiness and judging Eric

  • Altruz

    Thanks for copying ehroar

  • Anthrax Anthrax
    Anthrax Anthrax

    F*ck those UZmilkrs. Because of u VEX is gonna get nerfed...

  • Hammer 89
    Hammer 89

    Bungie won’t nerf it anytime soon, they wanna sell the ghorn anniversary package, if people start seeing bungie nerf a really good returning 0G D1 exotic this early, they’re probably going to think that will do the same for ghorn and that will affect the sales

  • jjkm

    Rick " you STOMP them" Kackis here

  • Odo

    Jeez,thanks kackis for giving bungie a reason to nerf a RAID EXOTIC

  • jjkm

    Rick "we miss you Cayde" Kackis here

  • Yoy Mon
    Yoy Mon

    Its fun....nerf incoming