Destiny 2: Witch Queen Subclasses - New Abilities! New Aspects!
New Destiny 2 News! Showcasing the "Void 3.0" Subclasses coming with the new Witch Queen Expansion! Featuring new Abilities, Aspects, & More!

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New video, discussing the latest Destiny 2 TWAB, after the Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, we are discussing the massive overhaul to Void Subclasses coming with the Witch Queen! These changes are bigger than anyone thought, providing all new abilities, and even new supers!

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  • KackisHD

    That new Titan Barricade Aspect is NUTTY 👀 NEW AdvancedGG Flavors ► Join the Discord ► Save on Astro Products ► More Destiny 2 Videos ►

    • eric23443219091

      they should bring back the d1 remove cut dome ward of light that follows you

    • Hulisses Lopez
      Hulisses Lopez

      That child of the old gods aspect is cool too. And it's cool they showed it in the witch queen showcase.

    • Itz Swifty
      Itz Swifty

      Dude that's a dark cabol joke. .. Get it? Afghanistan lolol


    Rick I'm such a great guy kackis here,,,, 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Carlos Blanco
    Carlos Blanco

    Im quite sure Bungie said they weren't adding a new subclass...

  • Freddy Fungi
    Freddy Fungi

    God its hard for me to give a shit about pvp.

  • Freddy Fungi
    Freddy Fungi

    Gonna be exiting to see light subclasses get more attention like stasis.

  • Spencer Halvorsen
    Spencer Halvorsen

    There basically bringing back how the subclasses were in D1 but with the added perks of fragments and aspects. Which is gonna be awesome

  • SudaFederall

    Oh boy another needlessly grindy subclass to spend hours on just to get abilities that should come with the class.

  • King Karma
    King Karma

    Shield throw yaaaaaaa

  • King Karma
    King Karma

    I just wanna throw my shield

  • THEnelsonbruhs

    This is such a small and dumb detail but I thought it always looked so badass how in the stasis subclass menu your guardian was doing a sweet pose and I can’t wait for that with every subclass

  • Robert Andone
    Robert Andone

    fucking awesome

  • Peengus Daddy
    Peengus Daddy

    New hunter shadowshot with orpheus rig is going to be insane

  • Faith In you
    Faith In you

    Take my money ☺️

  • Xovnnas

    Wait, so does that mean my tether hunter wont be able to pull other guardians out of their super in pvp anymore? If thats the case, im not sure how i feel about that. Lol.

  • khang321

    Now that light subclasses are being reworked for The Witch Queen, it is the perfect time to reintroduce and rework Radiance from Destiny 1 as an option for the Warlock solar super!

  • The Bruh
    The Bruh

    It's about time Bungie been void Titan since D1

  • Spike Mastor
    Spike Mastor

    They better put the Twilight Garrison side skirt you know we can double click the button and scoot to the side I mean the warlocks have that thing where they can jump straight down the hunters can double jump Dodge but what is the Titan really have

    • Spike Mastor
      Spike Mastor

      I used to be able to move so fast as a Titan with the Twilight Garrison I used to be able to do a lot of things like playing the game and being up to date with the content I've been playing since destiny 1 and I can't even get $10 to play the season so I miss out all the time so all these new light noobs get the play all the time but I can't even play the damn season oh and I'm also a destiny one clan leader clear to destiny 2 maybe if you know anybody that could help me to be able to get the season would be wonderful if not maybe you could talk to the devs about getting a Twilight Garrison again LOL

  • Griff777

    Rick "Noah get the boat" kackis here

  • Mr Hamburgler
    Mr Hamburgler

    the new void warlock features made me think.of Mass Effdct 2 and 3. Using the characters or spec'ing your own character with the telekinesis type abilities like warp or singularity and how certain ones that were used in conjunction would cause explosions. and the one ability that you could hit pesky enemies hiding in cover with that would lift them in the air, opening up their now floating, vulnerable asses to your onslaught of weaponry or abilities. Sounds like itll be a fun new mechanic/strategy for the Warlock class indeed. Looking forward to these new updates n stuff. I'm actually really enjoying Bungies overall direction this past year and moving forward with the game. Sure its not perfect. But it's a fcuk ton more than what a lot of other current FPS games have to offer. 👍👍

  • SkyStrikeZ

    Spectral blades with top tree dodge invis would make me a happy hunter

  • Karlen Warren
    Karlen Warren

    Wish they would make easier to get stasis aspects then heroic exo challenge.

  • Tomas

    hunter sounds exciting but rest feels old with power up hmm

  • Daniel Contreras
    Daniel Contreras

    I just want ro revive like in Destiny 1 :'(

  • Michael Fender
    Michael Fender

    I want a green super

  • Space-_-Viperz

    Rick "Hive! Bring a sword!" Kackis here

  • Misterkillhappy

    Gonna be honest. I found no other reason to play any other element class as a Warlock aside from Arc to be Palpatine to clear Adds and summon an Arc wisp on Rift for everyone. Them adding Child of the Old Gods for Void so I can be a support not only for others DPS but also Charge Times makes me genuinely want to use void now... Though a slight problem there.. I'm coming back after a whole year so I don't really have a set exotic or items for Void since I've played all the way for Arc lol.

  • Media Mayhem
    Media Mayhem

    To all Destiny Fans What if for Lightclass 3.0: Void gets a Six Paths Rasengan aspect/branch like Naruto for Warlock Arc: gets a Dark black like Chidori stream that u can alternate into a sword for Hunter Solar: Titans get that Super Typholsion Pokémon Eruption Move that's similar to Prototype as an Aspect/branch Man....listen I got ideas for days Bungie thinking to small B Destiny has no Limits

  • Night Sky
    Night Sky

    Question: I haven’t played destiny 2 in a while, but if i were to buy witch queen will i also be able to obtain the stasis powers or do i also need to buy beyond light?

  • Williemay100

    Rick “the final shape” kackis

  • Matthew Watkins
    Matthew Watkins

    Moebius Quiver will essentially be current Thousand Cuts. I could not be more terrified and excited at the same time.

  • chaotic black stallion
    chaotic black stallion

    Rick back with the news k

  • ziki_zak_not_official

    Hold on a second! Why kakcis has infinite ammo reserve?!

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka

    I hope they fix the light subclasses, I hate playing pvp because every team I play ALWAYS uses stasis and it’s honestly broken plus it’s behind a 30-40 dollar pay wall AND it’s mega overpowered

  • Vector Fox
    Vector Fox

    Rick “sans Morty” Kackis

  • Afonso Furtado
    Afonso Furtado

    Titan+ Devour = Destiny 2 broken

  • Whiteknight 2332
    Whiteknight 2332

    Omg Sanguine Alchemy is gonna be really really good soon.

  • Whiteknight 2332
    Whiteknight 2332

    I know I'll never get them back, but I'd love Sunsinger to return even if its just a small aspect and what I call " Voidlight Vampire". I can't remember the exact build from d1, but It was the triple nova bomb paired with Devour and Life Steal. It was more fun rather then practical but would help you in a pinch in most cases. Edit: Nvm devour is back on the menu. Time to solo grind a little bit easier.

  • Gatsby Sama
    Gatsby Sama

    Rick "Bring a sword" Kakis here!

  • Keith Hudson
    Keith Hudson

    Rick, "Hive!? Bring a sword." Kackis here

  • ZeDarkEnigma

    Rick “rolling you never gonna give you up never gonna let you down” kackis

  • škaljo

    Rick "Shax wuld never let you do that,, kakus heare (sorry for misspelling)

  • Callsign Alpha
    Callsign Alpha

    Rick "Hive, better bring a sword" Kackis here.

  • nightro gaming
    nightro gaming

    welp pvp is gonna be sooooo broken and bungie said they're doing this to balance it out but they're just breaking it even more good job bungie u have the intelligence of a fucking new born baby

  • The Last Word
    The Last Word

    aww I thought we were getting taken powers :(

  • Legitgaminuk

    Rick-ven of a thousand kackis here!

  • Brian Ross
    Brian Ross

    Titans always getting lame ass shit Warlocks POCKET BLACK HOLE

  • Shadow Walker 626
    Shadow Walker 626

    Bro I really wanted a corrupted classes

  • Soleb

    Personally i dont think they really needed to change light subclasses, changing it to the darkness layout for me seems unnecessary as the stasis layout i think should stay unique to the darkness subclasses, and normally i wouldnt really mind this change but the fact we have limited time left in the light and dark story line so on the way we are going either one of the remaining 2 darkness subclasses is going to be rushed or have poorly thought through abilities. Unfortunately its set in stone now but i think they should have left the light subclasses rework until the final shape because undoubtedly the lack of a new subclass or super is going to hurt witch queen sales and i think they know that, but that’s probably my only problem with WQ

  • Gabrimus

    Rick "i like that boulder thats a nice boulder" kackis here

  • Dave Todd
    Dave Todd

    So titans get oversheild hunters get invis.... and goldielocks get devour ... if thats what they do then no change ....

  • adam ben-yedidia
    adam ben-yedidia

    So no update for the hunters like titan and warlock.

  • adam ben-yedidia
    adam ben-yedidia

    Titans might be op in the new update o.o

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross

    Just wonderful, this means the crucible will now be more of a $hitshow.

    • Gemini Jester
      Gemini Jester

      @Michael Ross alright cool lol Figured you be used to it by now tho

    • Michael Ross
      Michael Ross

      @Gemini Jester yeah I know, been playing since the early D1 days buddy. And I do play COD.

    • Gemini Jester
      Gemini Jester

      It always has been so just embrace the madness I say If you want a shooter without the bull crap destiny has just play cod

  • GameMaster

    Rick “ I don’t even have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain” Kakis here

  • Cold

    Rick, "what is up guys is your boy, rick" kackis there c:

  • Casual Bowl of Ramen
    Casual Bowl of Ramen

    Rick “What’s going on guys, Rick Kackis here” Kackis

    • Nikolai Hull
      Nikolai Hull

      I said this out loud and lost brain cells 😂

  • lil keyMusic
    lil keyMusic

    I really think since the hive is taking our light we might as well take their darkness aka poison type subclass

  • RebelDan0120

    Ricky the stick Kackis here

  • Wall

    Nice fucking clickbait dude

  • grayfaux blackwing
    grayfaux blackwing

    Rick “ king of the clickbaits” KackisHD

  • Denise Manues
    Denise Manues

    Did u use more grenades khakis From shax

  • L4t3xs

    Rick "clickbait" Kackis here!

  • Skythos

    Rick “You’ve woken the hive” Kackis

  • Legion

    Rick "Hive are crunchy" Kackis!

  • Traior246

    Finally, ranged Melee for Voidlocks

  • Jake Rowland
    Jake Rowland

    Honestly bungie killed me, after the dawnblade nerf I quit playing crucible hoping I wouldn't kill my 1.76 kd but thats not the case, I can't even do nightfall with swords and pulse rifles... this isn't adaptable

  • Cosmic K13
    Cosmic K13

    So what ur saying is, we're getting a rework instead of new stuff. Not that I don't want a light class rework, but it definitely dropped the hype down 4 me overall.

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow

    Cant wait for solar hunters

  • Dented Reality Game Dev
    Dented Reality Game Dev

    Rick "that comment section is outta control" kackis here

  • XHero1330

    Real answer to the intro stuff is to throw everyone off by having no intro at allm

  • Caleb Taylor
    Caleb Taylor

    rick my wife took the kids

  • CreepGpooP

    They must make it free

  • dgamefather

    Watch, their gonna just undo the super additions from Forsaken

  • Michael Neal
    Michael Neal

    Great, so instead of new subclasses, they're gonna fuck up void

  • Evlmastermind

    Rick "Guardian Down" Kackis Here!

  • AquaDarkSkull

    These void changes seem pretty cool. Hope they feel as good as they sound.

  • Nuksta38

    Rick “whether we wanted it or not”

  • SolidWake

    What is up guys, its Rick "Fallen as a Character class" Kackis here!

  • Sub atomic waffle
    Sub atomic waffle

    So what I’m hearing is the title to the most amount of clickbait I’ve ever seen

  • MisterMeister

    let me guess, it's gonna be worse than stasis

  • Llew Tree
    Llew Tree

    For anyone interested in kackis’ full witch queen recap video you see all the new warlock abilities listed here, and during the actual witch queen livestream we saw the Lance nova bomb make a return

    • Llew Tree
      Llew Tree it starts at 8:00 we see the boop melee and the child of the old gods

  • Frazzdawg

    more fragments= if you miss a single season you might as well give up on this game as you'll never catch up. thanks for committing suicide, Destiny

  • Elizer Mukendi
    Elizer Mukendi

    What gun is he using, the one that has infinity ammo

  • rustler08

    LMAO, so they're basically going back to how D1 subclasses were set up. Jesus Christ, this who game is just a huge circle to become D1.

  • Anubis the Little Light😉
    Anubis the Little Light😉

    Rick"i need to Take a Massive crap" kackis Here 😁

  • Kraibot

    This all sounds like preconditioning to a new subclass... Like Corruption... Just saying

  • Prince Jaxon Hellsing
    Prince Jaxon Hellsing

    Rick "I ssshipped my bed!" kackis here

  • Dundrial Buels
    Dundrial Buels

    Wait did I just see sir d as infinova?

  • GMaskofOrder


  • BlackRainIsWet

    I hope other classes don't get invisibility

  • symash

    bro ngl thats cool n alll but why di they need to add so much fkin customisation it over complicates things. like i get new abilities but just after hearing khakis i had a stroke . bungie should just ask the community what they want instead of adding a 100 diff perks to a SUBCLASS

  • Burak Boran Aydın
    Burak Boran Aydın

    There is going to be a content drought one week into Witch Queen. I guarantee it.

  • TheGamingSasage

    Rick "Sikcak Kcir" Kackis

  • phantom ghost
    phantom ghost

    Ok hear me out… why not make it to where we can mix and match supers… let’s say I wanted a void sun breaker but with different passives… but from a different tree… this would be the ultimate step to true customization…

  • MediaCastleX

    The warlock rift makes sense, the risk of empowering rift necessitates getting some health back so making the aspects opposite is SO benéficial

  • WanderingGhost77

    I want a finisher that allows my guardian to kick the enemy in the junk. I also want to use it in PVP.

  • SG Sketcherz
    SG Sketcherz

    I just wanted to ask i haven't played D2 in a couple years I just came back and I'm confused on lore and updates and weapons now is there a video that can help me catch up?

  • Mrbrett35

    I think they were a little light on the titan. Hunter and warlock got more in-depth.

  • Danger Gust
    Danger Gust

    I’ve always wondered why there’s so many exotic catalysts slots on the exotic weapons. Could bungie release multiple catalysts for the same weapon?

  • Danger Gust
    Danger Gust

    Thin line between light and dark, yes!