Bungie Just REMOVED Trials of Osiris for Thousands of Players...
Bungie just announced a MASSIVE Trials of Osiris Overhaul!
And thousands of Destiny 2 Players won't be able to experience it...
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New video, discussing more destiny 2 news after the new Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, we are discussing the massive changes to Trials of Osiris that bungie revealed today! We have no Trials rewards, we have trials of Osiris matchmaking, Saint-14 Vendor is getting an update, and so much more!

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    • Jeff

      @Chad Mesi also lame out with this "season pass", it's still part of this expansion.

    • Johnny
      Johnny "GOT GAMES" Zanderberg

      Duuuuude...where's Trials this weekend?

    • NaderVaderYT

      @Chad Mesi absolutely, your completely right, and I'm so happy I not alone hear, Bungie is literally killing solo/f2p players, Like Bungie acts like they are caring and listening, and it kinda seems they might be, but the problem is the content creators and streamers that are like "ooooh woah Is me waaaaah me no like free players being cheater waaaaaaah" well how about CONSOLE gamers? Like not all of us are richy 2 shoes who have turns of dollar bills for the expansions or the game pass, what do us f2p players do? Huh? Like there's nothing to do and it pissed me off

    • NaderVaderYT

      Bruh... well how about bungie oh I don't knooooow, maybe a ANTI CHEAT!!!

    • Ryan Wandrum
      Ryan Wandrum

      Next intro…. “Get Nick out the friend zone” Kackis…. If you know… you know

  • Black8763

    God fucking damnit, I've been playing Destiny since d1 beta and this was the last straw, now I HAVE to buy a shitty dlc that I don't have the money for just to be able to play trials with my friends, fuck this game.

  • Reece C
    Reece C


  • Charlemagnne

    Rick "YYEESS" Kackis (the yes is done in SHAXX voice and tone)

  • Eduardo Arvizu
    Eduardo Arvizu

    Oh look they overhauled shitty pvp experiences into more shitty pvp experiences. For an FPS this game has the worst pvp any FPS out there has ever seen. They should get an award for it actually

  • Sirhejsan

    Rick "throw more granades" kackis


    The pay wall is a good thing. No more cheaters.

  • Frost Gamer
    Frost Gamer

    If it gets rid of cheaters, I'm all for it

  • Sam Spetsmark
    Sam Spetsmark

    I hate this updated

  • Hugo Norgren
    Hugo Norgren

    I've bought every expansion since the beggining of destiny 2 and now i skipped beyond light because i stopped playing right when it came out, i came back and now i need it to play trials. i hate this game so much

  • brypete 1021
    brypete 1021

    I have never played trials cause of its reputation however I will be giving it a shot this weekend.

  • ベッsenpai

    Why did bungie make it buyable they said they want more people to experience it and earn loot and then u have to buy it ? That's dumb

  • Starcrafter44379

    ah yes, make the queue longer

  • Freddy Pierre
    Freddy Pierre

    I just wanna know if I can still get old trials gear?!?!? Pls someone answer I would like to known

  • Skelaton 211
    Skelaton 211

    That's such BS trials finally comes with matchmaking now can't do it if u don't pay ya great way 2 stop cheating by punishing innocent players

  • JT_crunchy

    What the hell beck when destiny came out i bought it for 50 bucks waddoyamean beacause its a free game

  • Angry Cheetos
    Angry Cheetos

    With this huge anti cheater update just wait we're gonna start hearing how destiny is trash strictly from the people that cheat and can't get back into the game because they too broke to buy the expansion again. Just a thought could be wrong but something I'm sure we'll start seeing here soon.

  • Phoenics Hewson
    Phoenics Hewson

    Rick "on your way, guardian" Kackis

  • Abel Reyes
    Abel Reyes

    Rick CockAss here.

  • Abel Reyes
    Abel Reyes

    "Some of you can't win gunfights without abilities." Spams barricade with Citan's Rampart and dashing around the map.

  • Legend

    So what if like i have the Dlc’s but got them for free from Gamepass ultimate? Will i still get trials or will i need to actually Buy it

  • Peniel Ermiyas
    Peniel Ermiyas

    I have beyond light tho so wtf

  • Stephen G
    Stephen G

    I like that. Freeplay players = hackers.. pay to play & be happy most us free.. I paid for my whole journey

  • Lochlan Basile
    Lochlan Basile

    Oh well not like anybody played / enjoyed it anyway

  • Fear4DTiger

    Rick “Sylock, the defiled! Thirsts for your light.” Kackis here.

  • Dylan Sledge
    Dylan Sledge

    Looking forward to the revamp

  • Matthew Nichols
    Matthew Nichols

    I plan on entering matches and then throwing the game like a mother fucker. I can't wait to ruin as many pvp matches as I can. Bout time these trash tier PvE players get to experience what it's like when we have to deal with idiots bringing last word into damage phase of a raid boss.

  • Lance LaPrarie
    Lance LaPrarie

    Nice changes imho

  • Musly Gamer
    Musly Gamer

    Destiny cost to much at this point, the season pass and half of the weapons are gone. Just gonna drop the game again, it isnt really fun anymote

  • ▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░◢Shiro Matatabi◤░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂
    ▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░◢Shiro Matatabi◤░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂

    Best anti cheat method ever. Prevents all these cheaters from just creating more accounts and continuing their bullshit. LOVE this change.

  • UseToBePro

    all these bungie fanboys saying to smack a paywall onto every problem instead of actually fixing the issue XD, yes dont add an anticheat nobody wants that we just want to shill more money to you so you can make invalid responses to making us pay for every piece of content that isnt boring ass, Bungie is trash

  • UseToBePro

    implement anti cheat? nah paywall

  • Wesley Merrett
    Wesley Merrett

    Rick "Savathun's Bone Broth" Kackis here!

  • Toneoko

    I mean trials were never meant for casuals anyway. So locking it behind the yearly expansion is fine for the dedicated players

  • R Lawson
    R Lawson

    I quit d2 8 month ago was sick of cheats in pvp it was stupid i found out about all these changes 1.5 week ago 1 week ago i returned to d2 to try and im still playing daily, me personally i love these changes ive done tons of pvp over past 3-4 days and not seen any one blatently hacking the odd person with net issues but nothing like 8 month ago my 13 year old son also started playing on ps4 the free to play side of it and i explained all the things he cant do and can and why and even he thinks thats how it should be and he is considering buying the game if he keeps enjoying it.

  • Lilmogley

    I was wondering why I can’t see trials

  • [ Echo ]
    [ Echo ]

    So what about game pass holders on xbox

  • Nate Fetkin
    Nate Fetkin

    I can’t buy my trials passage anymore they don’t show up what do I do

  • Soleb

    To the free to play players complaining, well thats your problem now this was one of if not the only way to stop cheating in trials

  • Saint Discord42
    Saint Discord42

    I’m not gonna lie it’s super small compared to what could have been but making all the people who have put money into the game have something rather than buying all those expansions just to make it free is nice I’m glad more people can experience the game but putting all the money in just to sunset and make free to play can’t help but feel like you lose a bit but regardless will play this game until the end

  • Joshua Adkins
    Joshua Adkins

    Look ill be honest, Warzone dev's aren't banning cheaters.. how do i know this because i have friends who cheat. I got friends who pay for Engine owning software and have 20-50 accounts and not a single one has been actually banned, despite them, dropping 40 plus kills per game and they've been cheating for months. The accounts get shadow banned for like 7 days maybe even less then they open back up and they can use that account again. It pretty much just means they have to cycle accounts. The cod dev's aren't banning cheaters, and the Battle eye software that they implemented has been easily cracked many times for a plethora of different games. My friends honestly speculate that Activision or whatever company owns warzone probably also owns Engine owning hence why the accounts aren't actually being banned. Which is probably a stretch.

  • Wayne Kratz
    Wayne Kratz

    I completed the tasks, and have beyond light but it won't let me participate in the trails😥

  • I don't miss it tbh

  • Jon Carter
    Jon Carter

    lmao destiny 2 been down hill since it went free to play just a greeasy money grab now adays its a joke like did they even leave activition?

  • Trent Hagerman
    Trent Hagerman

    I’m pissed

  • Dreadzz

    I feel like for console players shouldn’t have to pay to get it since you can’t cheat on console

  • Brian McFarland
    Brian McFarland

    So your telling me that I could have played destiny for FREEEE? Wtf?

  • Not Me
    Not Me

    if i only own forsaken and shadow keep is it going to be removed for me too?

  • Theelysium


  • keith guidry
    keith guidry

    This still won't stop the cheaters!

  • BlitzVGC


  • zealousZombie

    I JUST Got A High Enough Level To Access It Dang...

  • trash panda the banana
    trash panda the banana

    This is change is revolutionary Props to bungie!

  • hallow soul02
    hallow soul02

    They are trying hard to come up with ways to get rid of hackers but this is not going to stop hackers sadly but happy they are stepping up and trying their best

  • Jeff

    Rick, you know how much cheaters spend on these cheats right? You must be fucking crazy, when our generation cheated we didn't pay a monthly subscription, this generation pays weekly to cheat, and pays a lot to cheat.

  • Quinn Manning
    Quinn Manning

    The cadence of your voice is grating.

  • Ajay Sri
    Ajay Sri

    What is that AR he is using ?

  • Hal Winters
    Hal Winters

    trials should never have been free in the first place.

  • Ozak

    Trials should have been paywalled from the beginning tbh

  • Button Up
    Button Up

    What about Adept weapons?

  • Randomclipsofmedoinrandomdumbstuffindifferentgames

    WHY ANNUALLY WHY NOT JUST ONCE BUNGIE?! LMAO why do I need the NEWEST dlc huh bungie!?

  • thatdudeEd54

    A necessary sacrifice to help the state of the game.


    If you are so broke you can't afford DLC you don't need to be playing video games you need to be out working. Just sayin 🤷‍♂️

  • CJ Evans
    CJ Evans

    I think that this is completely fair... it's simple as this, if you like the game and you want it to thrive then it's worth investing in. I have been in destiny since d1 day one and have never had a problem or even thought twice about paying these creators and artists to make more of the game that I have come to know and Love I've made good friends laughed my ass off and honestly contemplated my own reality a few times 😮playing all through all the campaign DLC, it honestly has a really good storyline, this game has provided me with thousands of hours of entertainment and stress relief 😌 and just straight up good vibes for what? maybe 120$ 😁is what I have spent since I started playing all those years ago... and its a pay wall for the cheaters.. so if you aren't passionate about the game like I am at least you can consider it a tip for bungie giving cheaters the shaft🥰

  • Darien F. Rodriguez
    Darien F. Rodriguez

    What about "Rick, are you feeling lucky punk, Kackis" or "Rick, there ain't enough room in this town for the both of us, Kackis"?

  • C Crane
    C Crane

    I think you can skip the cringe intro next time

  • Marek Haluska
    Marek Haluska

    Bungie decided to bring better Experience for Paying customers, so why ruin main PVP end content with Cheaters and f2p players, because playing against either Bricks or Cheater it is not fun.

  • ajax

    cool stuff thanks bungie

  • Lee Nevins
    Lee Nevins

    Rick "Not a crack head kackis

  • Wethemboyz215

    A game full of BOTS and trash machanics. Stopped playing this dumpster fire in years again and not looking back. Game is trash just trash. Let’s see what’s the BOTS think. Hate this game. Buy a expansion then a season pass. Cha Ching. Sorry not sorry game is repetitive no originality nope game is just bad..

  • Tweaking Ed
    Tweaking Ed

    I can respect them puttin a paywall on trials. But that’ll just leave the cheaters to infest the pub matches harder. Either for boredom or to straight up make ppls times harder or just to make it difficult for the developers because they took trials away from them. I feel like the cons outweigh the positive. But we’ll see I’m optimistic. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be playing trials though. So much money I’ve spent on d2 already

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson

    Bye cheaters bye bye bye yea you too recov bye 😘 ps nobody likes you Now lock the load outs it’s end game no more switching heavy to heavy exotics or super exotics switching mid match takes away its downside

  • EbonyGerm

    rick clickbait khakis

  • Qwas

    I think the paywall is fine but free to play is basically getting a demo to destiny

  • IamIagainstI

    Can someone clarify please. I stopped at forsaken dlc. I’m trying to come back to the game. If I buy destiny 2 deluxe edition will I be able to have access to trials, gambit, raid, dungeons, nightfalls, iron banner etc? Help plz

    • IamIagainstI

      @lil nug thank you I’ll look for a deal on pc. Next dlc isn’t till February so I think I have some time to play the content.

    • lil nug
      lil nug

      @IamIagainstI Thankfully you can never buy a season pass or do anything related to any of their 15 seasons to be able to access trials, raids, and gambit. Unless you’re interested in the premium pass rewards, you can get the non-deluxe version and be able to access everything you want aside from seasons 12-15 and a few other miscellaneous things :)

    • IamIagainstI

      @lil nug yes I bought forsaken and but I took a break once a new dlc or season was going to start. I enabled cross play and want to play on pc instead now. I know dlc won’t transfer but I read season passes will so the deluxe would work cross platform but I don’t know if I will be able to play on pc trials, raids, gambit, raids etc with just the beyond light deluxe edition. It says it comes with season 12-15 not sure if that covers it all

    • lil nug
      lil nug

      If you bought the Forsaken DLC before you stopped, then buying the Beyond Light Deluxe edition will give you access to everything you listed that is currently available. (past season content isn’t that significant so you’re good) Basically you’ll be able to do anything that everyone else can do except an exotic quest.

  • Th3 Rezur3ct1on
    Th3 Rezur3ct1on

    Rick "this comment section is completely under control" Kackis

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C

    Trials should have never been available to F2P anyway.

  • Alex Riggs
    Alex Riggs

    Are the changes happening this season or next season?

  • Skye TheNeko
    Skye TheNeko

    As much as I feel for free to play players Trails never should have been free in the first place should have always had some sort of paywall which it now has


    I like when bungi tell me how to play the game

  • Eternal Konflict
    Eternal Konflict

    Yesss!!!!! Thank God bungie! I am not even sad about that

  • midian879

    We need more money! - Bungie

  • Asheton Rodgers
    Asheton Rodgers

    I don't like that we've lost trials for new lights, but at the same time, cheaters ruined it for us. I've paid for the game, and I hate not being able to play all of a game I've payed for due to cheaters.

  • RohanSpartin

    Rick " I have become Legend" Kackis here!

  • El Cannon
    El Cannon

    I have no issue at all with the game moving away from F2P. Happy to go back to a paid model so long as Bungie deliver the content.

  • Md Mitkata
    Md Mitkata

    This is made to reduce cheaters. I see absolutely nothing wrong .

  • Daz

    I do not think it should be the "Most recent expansion." It should just be owning any major expansion or having dropped so-and-so amount of money elsewhere in the game (Eververse, season pass, etc)

  • mr tumble
    mr tumble

    WOOOOOWWW F2p can’t play trails wwttfff I have to buy 2 fkn dlcs to play this fkn game!!!!

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    These are fantastic changes that now allow me to get the glowy shit and I'm happy with that

  • Merilynn Shark
    Merilynn Shark

    I'm torn on them locking trials behind the latest expansion. I think it should be any expansion, considering I know a lot of people who aren't willing to pay the release cost of expansions and would rather wait until it's not as expensive.

  • Danny Wisehart
    Danny Wisehart

    About time with the pay wall that needed to happen and I think iron banner and competitive needs to be behind the pay wall as well

  • Gemtech404

    Does trials have matchmaking now

  • A Little Orc
    A Little Orc

    Are they adding the old trials armor back ?

  • Jacob Witherspoon
    Jacob Witherspoon

    me when

  • Saint

    I can see making a paywall against cheaters but what about the legitimate players who just can't pay. Like me I can't afford witch queen but I'm not going to be able to play trials when it drops

  • Liam Kirkpatrick
    Liam Kirkpatrick

    I don't know if this would work or not but I would put a time gate on trials rather than making it free to play or paywalled

  • TheRaienryuu

    As someone who paid 100 bucks at the start of D2, only to see it go F2P a few months later: "1st time, huh"?

  • Nick Becker
    Nick Becker

    Thats it im done. Bullshit moneygrabbing

  • Erika Miller
    Erika Miller

    Don’t be a cheater and there won’t be banning issues, too easy.

  • WinterXBeholder

    WOW. I am suddenly thinking back on all those people that chanted "Trials isn't for everyone" lol. Well it is now.