The Ascendancy is now the Best DPS Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2...
After a brand new BUFF, we now have a New Best PvE Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost! Well, arguably 2! These are now the BEST when it comes to Rocket Launcher DPS!

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New video, Showcasing the Ascendancy Rocket Launcher, the new Ritual Weapon (and somewhat the Hothead Nightfall Weapon), during Destiny 2: Season of the Lost. This is after the new Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, we are going over the massive Buff to the "Explosive Light" perk! This spawns on the Ascendancy Season 15 Ritual Weapon, and "The Hothead" new Nightfall Weapon! These are now the Best DPS Rocket Launchers, and some of the best dps weapons in Destiny 2!

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  • mark im
    mark im

    Thank you bro just waiting on Gajallerhorn…if it isn’t the bomb still we all need to blow up ,& ask for our 30% we paid for their 30 cough cough bs

  • Chroma Toast
    Chroma Toast

    Yeah, But Hothead can get adept big ones


    Can anyone explain why not to thether atheon? Rick "can I get a hooooyaaa" kackis here

  • Levi Hemphill
    Levi Hemphill

    Set up is too bothersome for practical use

  • Andrew

    Rick “Exotic butters” Kackis

  • mzladiic26

    Rick “uldren or crow” kackis

  • Guy 1
    Guy 1

    Power Creep! WHOOOOOOO!

  • Nathaniel Attar
    Nathaniel Attar

    What about henzen with vorpal?

  • brachyboy

    Hothead with field prep and explosive light will be better for dps cause of the insane crouch reload speed

  • Ant Gaming
    Ant Gaming

    Rick “I’m smelling what you stepping in” Kackis here

  • Avianna Reign
    Avianna Reign

    I already know none of this will matter once the gjallarhorn gets here however luckily for me I need a legendary rocket launcher and I just unlocked this yesterday. My primary weapon is the scepter. This rocket launcher felt strong to me but because I'm a new destiny player I've only been playing for like a week I wasn't sure if it was actually worth it or not I was only using it because I needed a heavy weapon that wasn't exotic for a grenade launcher. I wanted the sleeper stimulant before they release the scepter and now I'm in love with the scepter. My only issue with this rocket launcher is Kelly reload after every shot but I guess it would be as powerful if it could have more in the magazine right?!

  • Vegeta9388

    Don’t forget argent ordinance to increase it by extra 30% dmg

  • Samoccer

    Rick "Little light big D" Kackis here

  • Aidan Mitchell
    Aidan Mitchell

    Rick”we’re are my exotics” Kakis here

  • Dennis Noble
    Dennis Noble

    Please this. "Here Kackis Rick boy your it's well well!" 😂

  • Ravec Sucks
    Ravec Sucks

    No it's not. It's important to distinguish DPS from overal damage, clown cartridge is superior for dps, especially combined with a hunter dodge or demo. This rocket is probably the best overal damage legendary rocket though.

  • Scott Stout
    Scott Stout

    Rick "I want to talk to you about your extended car warranty" Kackis

  • Алексей Павленко
    Алексей Павленко

    Rick "BUKKAKis" here

  • Etienne Marais
    Etienne Marais

    Does ARGENT ORDNANCE MOD increase more damage for rocket launchers? Like does it stack with ASCENDANCY? I use it but haven't done big testing to know for sure..

  • Brandon P
    Brandon P

    Ummm test this against cluster bomb rocket launcher

  • Videome123

    Another thing to note that you didn't talk about. If you want to add more dmg to ur rockets and you run argent ordanace or w/e it's called. The problem with lasting impression rockets. It takes 2 charges of lights, since 1 rocket detonates twice. With explosive light, I'm assuming it will only use 1 make explosive light and argents stack well with each other. But!! Depending on the "activity" an overflow/Vorpal hezen vengeance rocket still has great utility to it. Grab special or heavy ammo to start off with 2 rockets, and if ur standing in front of ammo, you can shoot another 2 rockets. Allowing you to shot 4 possibly 6 quick rockets with ease without reloading.

  • warstar

    That cool dude

  • Raymond Waltz
    Raymond Waltz

    Rick “Talk to me Goose” Kackis (for my clan mate/son Maverick)

  • Steve Eymann
    Steve Eymann

    Man I know that hot head may be a good launcher but it is so damn stupid looking I will never use it

  • Calypso, Might of the Taken
    Calypso, Might of the Taken

    Unfortunately i hate rear loading launchers if its not loaded from the front hard pass

  • Thomas Elsender
    Thomas Elsender

    Rocket Launchers are most likely also going to be the big focus next season. Have you noticed how ritual weapons are becoming Meta the next season? Salvagers Salvo, next season comes breach and clear. Null composure, then this season there’s particle deconstruction. Then especially with Gjallerhorn coming back out in December 👀

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M

    Tried this rocketlauncher in a nightfall its a complete pile of trash do yourself a favour and use something else its feckin useless

  • muhammad Munir
    muhammad Munir

    what about the hothead?

  • CrowHub

    Rick "PvE gets more love than me from my mother" Kackis

  • Simon Bell
    Simon Bell

    Rick"she told me she was 18"kackis here

  • Dredgen Yor
    Dredgen Yor

    cartesian coordinate still beats it in damage

  • A A
    A A


  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake

    Don’t forget is a solar weapon too Ad the path of burning steps plus solar elemental well and you’ll be all set

  • Death Scythe
    Death Scythe

    Mines going to sit in my vault till they make rockets more usable, fusion rifles are the low slot high DPS strats atm rockets can’t even compete unless I’m wanting something that can slap for solo play where I want to keep my distance. This with Argent is great but lasting impression and impulse on something that doesn’t need orbs with same build is just way better. Sticking a invading guardian with a rocket that gives them time to say “Oh Fuck!?!” before it nukes them gives me the “Haha” vibes I missed from Halo and Plasma nade sticks 😈

  • Tom Lednor
    Tom Lednor

    Is this more DPS than Reed’s Regret with particle deconstruction?

    • TheFall3n

      Hell no lol

  • UpgraiDD

    I want a review using this with explosive light vs a God roll hezens vengeance with God slayer warhead

  • Natsukashii

    So the other rocket launchers are doing the DMG without needing a buff? Like I wanna know how the numbers compare without the buff ya know

  • JL AkA Great 1
    JL AkA Great 1

    Does explosive light and the Argent ordnance mod stack?

  • Ryan Storey
    Ryan Storey

    too bad running a disruptive blade sword is almost mandatory

  • Kashif Covington
    Kashif Covington

    Rick "I get carried in trials dog water"kackis

  • Ghosting You
    Ghosting You

    I tested the ascendancy vs. my godrolled Timelost Hezen's with Vorpal on Karl on the Nessus lost sector and the dmg numbers were Identical. 86k+27k, so 114k dmg on both. Bungie lied about the buff to ascendancy and noone's covering it, perhaps you should @RickKackis.

    • JL AkA Great 1
      JL AkA Great 1

      The Hezen has more impact than the Acendancy, so that could be the difference between your verbal roll and explosive light. Hezen 5% more impact + vorpal 20% damage increase= 25% which what the explosive light damage increase is

  • 187roel

    Along came a hunter with lucky pants aaaaaaaand tadaaaaah !! Who needs a Rocket Launcher.....?

  • dragon killer
    dragon killer

    lasting does more damage with adept big one on time lost and adept weapons

  • An D
    An D

    Rick "The Postmaster is completely out of space. If you do not retrieve your items, you will lose them forever !" Kackis here

  • Daddy Harry
    Daddy Harry

    Bring on Gally, man that better own when it does arrive.

  • Travis Swazey
    Travis Swazey

    What shotgun is he using???

  • KingCraigers

    Rick "please stop me from doing this" Kackis. . .

  • SteinCVII

    Rick "Rick Rick Rick Rick kackis kackis kackis" kaickis here. I wanted to sound like the matrix is broken

  • Varsity George
    Varsity George

    What happened to the vorpal #'s 🤔

  • Ben Prentiss
    Ben Prentiss

    Rick "I hope you didn't delete the Roderic-C, cause it's the new META!" Kackis here

  • Brady Pope
    Brady Pope

    Rick, "another week boys, and another TWAB!" Kackis here (Aztecross would be pleased)

  • Brian Brooks
    Brian Brooks

    I was able to get a Hothead rocket with QuickDraw/explosive light. I also put boss spec on it and it's my go-to rocket launcher. I really like it.

  • shadow_of_ Origin
    shadow_of_ Origin

    Deathbringer still exists tho

  • Forrest Patterson
    Forrest Patterson

    Could you stack it with godslayer rounds?

  • ADS Spider
    ADS Spider

    Lol well gjallahorn is prob gonna be really broken

  • Shane Carelli
    Shane Carelli

    Rick "You've cut their leg guardian, Now lean on them!" Kackis here.

  • JetForceGemKnight

    Would mind doing a DPS breakdown of the new Exotic, Ager's Scepter? With Stasis elemental well/charged with light build? The gun melts Unstoppable and Overload champs in its own right without stunning them. Curious to see what the exact number of damage would be.

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost

    Great info, thanks.

  • No Name
    No Name

    Rick “HOUNDISH HERE” Khakis

  • JT Solutions
    JT Solutions

    Rick"SEVETH COLUMN"Kackis here

  • Aidan T
    Aidan T

    Rick “Welcome to the trials of Saint-14 …. Just kidding it’s the Trials of Osiris, wouldn’t it be funny if it were named after Saint-14” Kackis here

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    Kevin Smith

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    Eric Johnson

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    Eric Johnson

    Rick "can you blow me where the pampers is" Kackis

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Rick "that comment section is out of control" Kackis

  • Theknifeshow

    Hey khakis, my warlock (main)can hold 4 stasis fragments but hunter can only hold 1is thus normal or am I missing something...and hunter funny enough is further in quest then warlock. Any info would be great!thanks love the content you post

  • Daniel Pritchard
    Daniel Pritchard

    Rick, I turned myself into a pickle! I’m pickle Rick!! Kackis

  • Owen Orris
    Owen Orris

    Rick "Woo! They should have run! Look at 'em now! They're dead!" Kackis here.

  • Lazor

    Rick"before we start the video, allow me to thank our sponsor, SurfSharkVPN" kackis

  • Yuh

    But also the hothead? Like u didn’t even use it with the fucking perk tho

  • Rafal Wolosik
    Rafal Wolosik

    Sorry, but I will trade 15k damage in a boss phase for not having to pick up orbs of light just to get that extra couple thousand damage.... sorry, not worth it. Lame

  • wiener farts
    wiener farts

    Hey guys *starts the video*

  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming

    I imagine it's still much weaker then 1k for now?

  • tanya davies
    tanya davies

    1 or 6 stacked !! the more stacks the more empowered rockets u can fire Kackish 😉 🤣

  • AngelJerone

    Add Godslayer Warheads to the play with the explosive light. Feels Good Man

  • Jo'nathan Buxton
    Jo'nathan Buxton

    A Vorpal Hezen Vengeance would beat it no?

  • Tanner Belile
    Tanner Belile

    Rick “the kack attack” Kackis

  • Litzkrieg

    Rick "Literally the best Illuminati-Tier hand cannon IN.THE.GAME." Kackis here...

  • DoAFlip

    Rick ' like a good gaurdian kackis is there' kackis here

  • Pooley

    Dude soon as the RPG came out i got it and have been useing it all the season

  • RDOG z
    RDOG z

    Has anyone tested the sleepless with vorpal weapon im hitting around 110k per shot just saying it could be a winner for best rocket

  • Vfatal

    People think picking up orbs is such a hard thing to do

  • Lq1

    TITAN SOLO DPS BUILD: SUBCLASS: Top tree sunbreaker for the debuff melee WEAPONS: Primary and special of choice (I recommend Sunshot) and Ascendancy/Hothead with EL of course EXOTIC ARMOR: Hallowfire Heart/Heart of Inmost Light ARMOR MODS: 2x Argent Ordnance, Taking Charge, Elemental Ordnance, Font of Might WAY OF USE: 1. Pick up orbs for Argent Ordnance and Explosive Light 2. Throw grenade at red bar for a well and pick it up right before a damage phase 3. Debuff the boss with your melee and start blasting RECOMMENDED FOR: Low to mid-tier content

  • Vort _X
    Vort _X

    Lol only just noticed

  • Legit King
    Legit King

    Rick "The helmet stayed on" Kackis Here

  • AgentWash117

    Hey you were doing the tests with sird

  • Grim_reape_69

    What shotgun he using with the vex mythoclast near the start of the video ?

  • El e
    El e

    When Kackis said: Wendigo , what was years ago" i just felt my grey hair

  • Dingg

    Rick"nerf felwinters" here

  • Cesar Trevino
    Cesar Trevino

    Idk I got a hothead with ensemble and explosive light and it’s pretty good lol

  • R0b

    Rick "you must have cleared 100 raids to join the clann" kackis here Lmao how am i even supposed to clear one when i have no friends 🤣


    I do more dps with my bad omens with tracking and cluster with boss spec never used that junk in the video never will

  • WhoCares WhatYouThink
    WhoCares WhatYouThink

    Rick"cmon guys i need a good intro" kakis

  • IamBoring Videos
    IamBoring Videos

    Fun fact; you don't need to reset your rank to get the rocket launcher, your only need to reset for the ornament version

  • arbiter1

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  • Bojango83

    Im gonna eat a kitkat kackis here

  • Forsaken Zhalo Supercell isn't a toy
    Forsaken Zhalo Supercell isn't a toy

    Rick "what the dog doing?" Kackis here

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  • Reezico

    better then hothead with explosive light?

  • Christopher Urbano
    Christopher Urbano

    Lasting Impression is a 15% damage bonus