So... Hand Cannons can MELT Raid Bosses now... 👀 | Season of the Lost
How to turn your Exotic Hand Cannons into DPS MONSTERS and melt Raid Bosses! This is due to the Massive Buff that the Lucky Pants Exotic Hunter Legs got in Destiny 2: Season of the lost!

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New video, showcasing the new and one of the Best Hunter Exotics in destiny 2, the Lucky Pants Exotic Legs, after the Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, we are discussing the Lucky Pants hunter exotic, which got a massive exotic buff! It can now turn your best exotic hand cannons into raid boss melting, best DPS Exotics!
In this video we test the Hawkmoon, the Malfeasance, the Eriana's Vow, the Last Word, and the Crimson Exotic Hand Cannons to see what is the best hand cannon to use with the Lucky Pants against the Templar Raid Boss from the new Vault of Glass Raid!

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  • KackisHD

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    • Shawn Davis
      Shawn Davis


    • Seth M
      Seth M

      Does the dmg buff work with the hunters super? The hand cannon

    • B. Max
      B. Max

      Did u test Fatebringer?

    • Jonas Swälas
      Jonas Swälas

      Malfeasance only do that god when all are using it.. do the test when only one is using it..

    • speach less
      speach less

      you forgot storm and drang!

  • Dalton Palmer
    Dalton Palmer

    does this stack wit particle deconstruction, or is that also a factor in this video?

  • Drag Lol
    Drag Lol

    Imagine if top tree Gunslinger 6 round shot scales with Lucky Boots… 😮‍💨

  • Alwaleed Alshoura
    Alwaleed Alshoura

    Aztec’s video actually shows that after Taken damage reduction the Lumina is actually the top three in exotics in terms of damage

  • Owen Orris
    Owen Orris

    I’ve been waiting to test something now that I thought about it with hawkmoon since lucky pants auto reloads a stowed hc if I leave two rounds in hawkmoon I wanna see if paracausual charge carries over if it does it might break the game

  • agh it's a plane
    agh it's a plane

    Everyone when malfeasance dropped:Why would the malfeasance need so much ammo if it's not even that good? Bungie:You'll understand when you're older

  • OhSchnepp! Gaming
    OhSchnepp! Gaming

    Rick “my intros aren’t that bad” Kackis here

  • Medic22

    I havent played since the game first came out. Just started again yesterday. My hunter had the lucky pants on 😂

  • Xanicortia

    Keep in mind Malfeasance does 30% more dmg to taken enemies

  • Raymond Waltz
    Raymond Waltz

    Rick " Talk to me goose" Kackis (for my clanmate/son Maverick)

  • The Gixxer
    The Gixxer

    What about using the mod weathering heat? Would that boost damage also?

  • Akash Zaman
    Akash Zaman

    Should've tried Ace of Spades too

  • Terrible Warden
    Terrible Warden

    I cannot believe that "Hand cannons for damage phase" is a legit strategy now

  • Shame Loves Me
    Shame Loves Me

    I dont see the relevance in testing bosses with hand cannons when people one phase bosses using fusion rifles as it is a faster means and stronger means to killing bosses. People are trying to find any reason to validate other weapons for boss clears when nothing they have found as of yet is more efficient than a cheese with titans and melee or using fusion rifles.

  • Sam Tagg
    Sam Tagg

    Service revolver with 4th times the charm and vorpal is the way to go it means you can still run particle deconstruction and a full fusion loadout making hunters DPS kings this season!

  • Typhoon Lex
    Typhoon Lex

    Handcannons could always melt bosses, you simply didn't believe hard enough 😅

  • Matthew Berry
    Matthew Berry


  • River Wolf
    River Wolf

    You forgot Sunshot

  • Boss Fight Documentary
    Boss Fight Documentary

    I’ve had my lucky pants since vanilla and always used them. Let’s go lucky pants!!! 🎉 WOO!

  • Jarrede Felton
    Jarrede Felton

    Everyone: Dunking on Lucky Pants before they got buffed Me: Cackles since I've been using them as my main exotic since Red War

  • commuanlbeef

    witch kackis

  • Silvius Oracle
    Silvius Oracle

    I see SirD was part of your raid. Also known as Infinova.

  • Mini Gamer
    Mini Gamer

    Using Ariana Vow with Whispering slab PVE God roll Doing alright

  • Franny’s Channel
    Franny’s Channel

    Lucky pants were one of my favorite hunter exotics because I loved rocking double hand canons 😂

  • Simon Jack
    Simon Jack

    Again if you don't have it you should get it the taken mod that gives you increase damage because that's going to help you a lot specially when we get the legend version of the current seasonal activity in the blind well because when you look at the title seal realm Walker there is a Triumph where you have to complete the legend version of the new season activity within the blind well..

  • Simon Jack
    Simon Jack

    The reason you should be using malfeasance is not because it's a good hand Cannon it's because the season is nothing but taken and malfeasance has increased damage against taken enemies just like how have you managed to get the taken mod that gives you increase damage from The Last Wish raid that mod will be very very helpful

  • Etienne Gaus
    Etienne Gaus

    Crimson is better because you out of Range of the gun if you stand next to it like me in a Heroic you would Do much more dmg. Erianas vow is shredding. Malefaesance isnt that good because you cant proc the passive on much yellows. My opinion

  • Gabriel Wheeler
    Gabriel Wheeler


  • Gabriel Wheeler
    Gabriel Wheeler

    How well do they do with the ace?

  • Dustin Stroup
    Dustin Stroup

    I love the malfeasance glad it's back in play the gunplay is immersive

  • Kinky Player
    Kinky Player

    canon time /._. /

  • Dawid Dymek
    Dawid Dymek

    No thanks, I'll stick to my Sliper insted

  • Dark

    rick "Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through those defences, take this beast out, and break their grip of Freehold."Kackis here

  • Alex .Prikna
    Alex .Prikna

    Rick 'that comment section is out of control' kakis here

  • callum fowle
    callum fowle

    Rick " sarcastically makeing my intro longer to give you guys the finger" kakis 😘😂🤞

  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan

    Would love free headphones, but I refuse to use Twitter.

  • tapejockey


  • Ginja Ninja
    Ginja Ninja

    I got banned on PlayStation for calling someone stupid and now all these games I haven’t played in ages are popping up on yet and I can’t wait to pay them agian

  • B3lgiumWaffl3

    How about adept pali with overflow?? Just an idea

  • Wh3nTit4nsF4ll

    Rick "of the lost" kackis here.

  • Yanagi _Tha_Wisp
    Yanagi _Tha_Wisp

    Rick savathick khakis here

  • Micah Caro
    Micah Caro

    If you're a titan, just go home and get back to your crayons we aren't lucky enough for this buff.

  • Adrian

    Wtf ace of spade?

  • Cody Grinnell
    Cody Grinnell

    what about thorn??

  • Jacob Sauers
    Jacob Sauers

    For the last word, use the stasis Shuriken with the fragment to reload weapon on powered melee hit. Therefore you can get more shots off with the last word without having to “reload”

  • Valkyiresundew /
    Valkyiresundew /

    Would golden gun count as hand canon?

    • Spjork

      It does but I don’t know if the buff would count scene as you don’t technically draw the weapon

  • TheShadowblade

    Which is better to use with Luckypants Judgement or Vulpecula? I am planning on using my exotic for something else.

  • Eric Rempe
    Eric Rempe

    My Seventh Seraph Revolver with Vorpal and Fourth Times the Charm is a freakin monster Boss Killer with the Lucky Pants build.

  • Jamie Michalski
    Jamie Michalski

    I know arc is rarely a subclass a hunter would want to use in a raid boss encounter... buuuut. I insist you go back and try posterity with reconstruction. Just saying.

  • Atherian Gaming
    Atherian Gaming

    Yeah that’s pretty crazy man thanks for the video

  • Jayden Hanes
    Jayden Hanes

    Man can thorn work as well because of its damage overtime?

  • DJ_McFuggernugs

    One problem with the lucky pants You cant change element affinity because of the built in holster mod

  • Jordan Martin
    Jordan Martin

    Say "reason because you lost is you didnt throw enough gernades!"

  • Casey Malley
    Casey Malley


  • Xghoul_velocity

    Rick The Chad Kackis here!

  • Shawn Daniels
    Shawn Daniels

    Does golden gun benefit?

  • Joshua TheArgonaut
    Joshua TheArgonaut

    Meh this video is for hunters. Warlocks and Titans don’t waste your time

  • Kaeldo

    Damn, i was waiting for Ace of Spades with a kill and reloaded with this.

  • Will Evans
    Will Evans

    I heard the lumina is really good with lucky pants

  • Brad Rose
    Brad Rose

    But does it work in pvp?

  • David Lightfoot
    David Lightfoot

    Thanks bro been really wondering how I die in 1 shot in PvP gladly I have some of those exotics

  • Great Gixy
    Great Gixy

    Do anyone else got problem in game chat between PS4 & PC ?cuse i do and i cant hear my friend on PC !

  • Nathan Velazquez
    Nathan Velazquez

    Only special exotic hand cannon poor sunshot

  • Aniflex

    Video starts at 4:15

  • Da Jem
    Da Jem

    what if u dont have twitter😪

  • BayAreaHD


  • Vyzeria

    To think if you had a titan or any Titan/Warlock ability that affects reload speed, a divinity, Well/Bubble.. Enjoy it while it lasts boys. I have a feeling this shits getting a nerf and soon.

  • Ahmid Gooby
    Ahmid Gooby

    Try it with thorn

  • RenewedFaith

    lol, bastard... no Ace of Spades?

  • Breh Breh
    Breh Breh

    Rick "The Mighty Hairline" Kackis here

  • Zach Courtney
    Zach Courtney

    What pairing maybe fatebringer or steady hand kinetic with lucky pants and 1k or sleeper with the partical deconstruction mod. Boosted damage consistently.

  • Jacknife2000 2.0
    Jacknife2000 2.0

    Well now that you said this there going to nerf it

  • Jordan Crumback
    Jordan Crumback

    Whats the handcannon on the left?

  • SnottyToe69

    rick "my wife left me and took the kids" kackis

  • John H.
    John H.

    Rick “ c*ck and balls here” would be a great intro

  • Skippz _
    Skippz _

    Hand cannon holster mod?

  • Skippz _
    Skippz _

    Vorpal weapon HC + lucky pants

  • Fier The Great
    Fier The Great

    Lumina is the 3rd highest dps...

  • Onion King
    Onion King

    what about the sturm and drang?

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter

    Pair this with fusion rifles

  • Christian Schilz
    Christian Schilz

    What about running a kinetic AND elemental hand cannon?

  • xxenthusedgames

    Rick "that comment section is outta control" kackis


    Rick "that comment section is out of control" Kackis

  • huh really
    huh really

    Rick "Rick Kackis" Kackis

  • Halo916

    Hey Rick, Golden Gun is a Handcannon so does it work with that. More than likely it is a no, but there are chances.

  • Mark Planté
    Mark Planté

    Guess i have to do the prophecy dungeon with Malfesance

  • TreSaidH3y

    Rick "So lets get started" Kackis here

  • Jim G
    Jim G

    Rick "That comment section is out of control!" Kackis

  • Brett Ozias
    Brett Ozias

    I think if you ran all lucky pants hunters with erianas and threaded needle with particle deconstruction artifact perk, you could melt the boss really quickly.

  • Tom Fist
    Tom Fist

    Pair with a bow that has Sympathetic Arsenal and a Quick Access Sling mod if you find yourself forgetting to reload your HC to ensure the buff procs. The new stasis HC is 180 rpm and can roll with Harmony. You'll have to run a stasis subclass, but that means you can use the fragment that makes your melee shurikans reload your stowed weapons to keep that HC topped off 👍

  • Tom Fist
    Tom Fist

    Pair with a bow that has Sympathetic Arsenal and a Quick Access Sling mod if you find yourself forgetting to reload your HC to ensure the buff procs. The new status HC is 180 rpm and can roll with Harmony. You'll have to run a stasis subclass, but that means you can use the fragment that makes your melee shurikans reload your stowed weapons to keep that HC topped off 👍

  • Rasheem Halliday
    Rasheem Halliday

    Sunshot is also a special hand cannon

  • Bendir

    My neighbors were very confused when I told them Rick Kackis sent me...

  • jacob Kress
    jacob Kress

    Rick "honey, where are my pants?" Kackis

  • Chris Grant
    Chris Grant

    Ok so what about this....what about running Strum and Drang and using drang to stack its buff then switching to Strum? Anyone tested that or does it not work that way?

  • Johnny Cloud
    Johnny Cloud

    Wait why does he have infinite primary ammo?

  • Guthix

    Meh, 1k n sleepers one phase now with partical soooo no point in use these really, maybe for gorgons

  • FederalMan 1
    FederalMan 1

    just use "hand cannon holster" mod to solve the fully loaded problem.

  • Save Icarus Dash
    Save Icarus Dash

    Rick "#SAVEICARUSDASH" here

  • B. Max
    B. Max

    Did u test Fatebringer?