Destiny 2: Artifact Leveling Guide! | Season of the Lost
The Leveling Guide for the new "Wayfinder's Compass" Seasonal Artifact added in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost! Discussing the Best new Mods to use in PvE & PvP Builds!

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New video, The Seasonal Artifact Guide, discussing the Best Artifact Mods in Destiny 2 right now, after the Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, we are discussing the new Artifact Guide! Going over the Best Seasonal Armor Mods, including the "particle deconstruction" Artifact Mod in Season of the Lost! This will help you level up fast and avoid wasting resources resetting your wayfinder's compass artifact!

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    You nailed this for even a new player like me. Thank you!

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    You lost me at Sword Overload

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    Alex Mathieson

    I use the same selection of artifact mods as you,but the armour mods don't appear against any character armour, I am not stupid just old can any one help.

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    and how do i get all these mods into my gear? :)


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    Savathun is my favorite queen, she looks thicc as hell and shes got that seductive voice. Just listen to her monologue during the reveal trailer *chefs kiss*

  • Abs Shitposts
    Abs Shitposts

    My favorite PvE build for hunter this season goes as follows. Middle Tree Solar Hunter Swarm Grenade gambler's dodge (make sure you have Vow's catalyst for this) Legendary Bow, Erianna's Vow, and either Falling Guillotine or a machine gun with a boss spec. Fr0st3es, lucky pants, or Ophidia Spathe Overload Bow, Disrupting Blade, Sword Scavenger, Withering Heat, Thermoclastic Strike, Thermoclastic Blooming, Well of Potency, and Fire and Ice. Sword mods not necessary if you're taking machine gun. Just keep in mind you need your melee for unstoppables. What this is going to do is let you take down champions with incredible ease and spam as many abilities as possible. You have all three champion types, bonus damage to champions, and surprisingly high DPS. With the effect of Frostees or Ophidia Spathe you pretty much always have a knife up, even more so with gambler's dodge. Lucky Pants can be a viable option if you aren't having issues keeping your knives up with the built in synergy of Playing with Fire and The Burning Edge. You could also likely do this with bottom tree solar hunter, but with that I would strongly recommend not going Lucky Pants. What the mods do: your grenade weakens champions and also AD clears. Your knives weaken champions, have an overload effect, apply burn, and create orbs. Defeating champions drops elemental wells, which you then pick up and get super energy. Your super also weakens champions, and also applies the burn effect. The burn effect charges your knives and dodge. This is like a psuedo supportive build and lets you clear solo Master Lost Sectors significantly earlier than you otherwise should be able to.

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    Isaac McDaniel

    Melee any Champs in master lost sectors? I don't think so. Not before you get absolutely merkd. =o

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    What special grenade launcher is he using?

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    I Wnna see a video of a fireteam of six all using jotunn with particle deconstruction .. I feel like it would smack some bosses but idk we'd have to find out

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    Shelley Hernandez

    Good morning Rick I have been watching you since I started playing a year ago since then you have improved my gaming experience and the reason I am wanting some help is I play mainly with blade barrage how would I set up the new seasons artifact I mean I realize you are super busy but please….

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    ... artifact "Levelling guide", my ass... Fine, I'll go elsewhere for xp farming ideas to supplement challenges and bounties...

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    Thank for the video. I am disappointed though. I've gone in the same direction. A-B auto-rifle was my first pick too. It's a must have. But I am disappointed that 11 of the 25 mods compete for the same 2 armor slots. And if one must take A-B auto-rifle then 10 Mods compete for 1 mod slot. As a new player I wonder what to do. Should I have 2 or 3 arm armor ready to switch out depending on weapon? I want to use sword stuff cause I just unlocked The Lament. I got to say its an awesome sword. But i want to explore the Fusion(+linear) weapons as I havent used them that much. I guess a sword arm arm set and linear fusion arm armor set? Anything else I need to consider? Thanks! edit: Also, Bungie please make the reset the artifact cheaper. I started playing a month-ish ago and went in one direction but as I learned the game I had to reset numerous times. Last time I reset it it cost 50k glimmer. That's terrible. Just make it one fee like 25k glimmer and not scale up. I'd like to experiment more.

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    There is a mod that cost 1 energy and spawns 3 elemental wells (solar and stasis) when you defeat a champ. There is also a new mod that allows wells to track across the ground to players. Add a mod for a well with grenade kills and/or the one for explosive kills and you can gain a TON of ability energy by running these together.

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    Anti barrier auto rife Overload bow Disrupting blade Sword scavenger Fusion rifle loader Passive guard Fusion scavenger Unstoppable fusion rifles 2 flex spots Particle deconstruction (best mod of season) 1 flex spot

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    Withering heat seems pretty useless and thermoclastic strike is another class item mod. You unlocked 4 class item mods that are high cost, guaranteed you will never use half of them. Better spent somewhere else. I had this same artifact mod loadout originally and had to change it. Picked up shotgun scavenger. Shotguns aren't "meta" this season but it is really good for a fun No Backup Plans build on titan

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    I wouldn't really agree with the 'focusing lens mod' as it's dependant on someone on your team having stasis, and most activities are not co-ordinated Although it does provide some great damage bonuses, I would prefer using something else

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    If you are a pve player, I found that shotgun dexterity work pretty good for stuff like Templar and Taniks pt2. Especially with 1 energy and so it allows for you to easily run two of the mods and this is super helpful with the quick swap patch. Just shoot and swap immediately after and repeat.

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