The BEST DPS Weapon in Destiny 2... By a Lot 👀 | Season of the Lost
The Best Legendary Fusion Rifle is also the Best DPS Strat in Destiny 2...
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New video, Putting the Null Composure Fusion Rifle against the Cartesian Coordinate Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost! .This is after the Witch Queen Gameplay Trailer, and Bungie 30th Anniversary Event Reveal during the Destiny 2 Showcase Event during Year 4 of Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the most recent Bungie TWAB! The new Destiny 2 Season 15, Season of the Lost is out now for PC, the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! But today, After looking at the Sleeper Simulant vs One Thousand Voices (1k voices), we are showcasing the Best DPS Build in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost! Using the best rapid fire fusion rifle in the game!

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  • KackisHD

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    • Julio Fortis
      Julio Fortis

      Rick " 11 second melt" khakis here

    • Carlos Ferreira
      Carlos Ferreira


    • lukepower117

      Hey! I was just wondering about what you said at the end with threaded needle, You seemed to imply that you needed someone with a "normal fusion rife" to apply the particle disintergration debuff, but it works with linear fusions as well. I was just wondering if this could have lead to some of your dislike of this stragety? that or I'm just entirely misinformed of the current strats

    • david corodeanu
      david corodeanu

      yes this if way better

    • Sixten Eklund
      Sixten Eklund

      @Robin Wells Is it a rapid fire?

  • Indy

    Rick "kick rackis" kackis

  • Jeffrey Dawkins
    Jeffrey Dawkins

    Dude...I stumbled onto the Cartesian doing bounties's cracked

  • Eric : o
    Eric : o

    Cringe cockis here

  • The nexus
    The nexus

    I dont even have vorpal on mine and its stupido

  • Ken Crane
    Ken Crane

    The lesson here is don’t delete god rolls even if you think the weapon isn’t meta.

  • Antonio Ciambelli
    Antonio Ciambelli

    Would Merciless be a good use for this?

  • Luna

    Ahaha literally got a godroll from an engram on my first try of the cartesian 😂😂

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    rick(rick(rick kackis here) kackis here) kakis here

  • BigBurger

    What about Zealot's Reward? It is a little better stat-wise than cartesian coordinate and it's also a Rapid-fire frame. I have mine with an Auto-loading holster and High-impact reserves I think it's worth checking out.

  • nathan spain
    nathan spain

    What about merciless

  • l_LED_l

    how do you even get this weapon?

  • Lando Calrissian
    Lando Calrissian

    Our Lord and Savior witherhoard would like a word with you about ur cars extended warranty

  • Rood Chrishi
    Rood Chrishi

    Hey guys it’s Rick Rick Rick kackis here

  • Itz Swifty
    Itz Swifty

    This is Rick "your privacy is under attack... Yessssss?" kakis smackis Hey that guy stole my comment. I was hype till I saw the name. 😂


    Bruh that is the most meta intro. We've come full circle! 😂😂

  • Ravenstylea2

    Rick's Cack is here! Just look at it!

  • Murcee

    I finally got a Vorpal Cartesian with a charge time masterwork. Does the charge time masterwork decrease overall damage output?

  • Steven Youngson
    Steven Youngson

    Wish I'd seen this before trying and failing at atheon today. I have 2 vorpal rolls as well in the vault!!!

  • Darkus Nights
    Darkus Nights

    Yall need to stop changing the dps meta so often, now I have to readjust everything again

  • Eric Charles WADMAN
    Eric Charles WADMAN

    Rick cheese while you can!! Kackis here

  • Eric Charles WADMAN
    Eric Charles WADMAN

    Rick just pooped my kackis here

  • Anthony Crawford
    Anthony Crawford

    No one gonna try jotunn with particle deconstruction? I mean it does have the highest impact for fusions. Or the new iota draconis with harmony perk?

  • Allex Santiago
    Allex Santiago

    That is RIDICULOUS! 😶😶

  • FireCloud42

    there was a guy to the right in a bubble not DPSing for a good amount of time of the Anarchy test

  • Brow Ming
    Brow Ming

    Rick "Code of the" Kackis

  • BubbaGrump

    Dude where's my sparrow .. Kackis here...

  • BubbaGrump

    Cartesian with charge rate of 420 with boss spec melts for me ...

  • Mike Palm
    Mike Palm

    Let's get started, but first......

  • mistakenot ou
    mistakenot ou

    How about this with a autoloader rocket and aspects.

  • Aaron V
    Aaron V

    How is CC stronger than other fusions that show stronger per stats?? Cartesian statistically is junk. 🤷‍♂️

  • Aidan Crossler
    Aidan Crossler

    What about Merciless?

  • TheHypeQueen G
    TheHypeQueen G

    Rick ” never got hit by a crunchy soccer ball and it shows” kackis here

  • Philmore James
    Philmore James

    Do a test to see Cartesian tether focusing light and thether

  • MoodyAquarius

    Rick “Uh lemme get a mutha fucking uhhhhhhhhhhhhh CHEESEBURGER” Kackis here

  • Bob Dravs
    Bob Dravs

    "You are under attack!" ? "Not by Savathun" Dislike

  • charli c Zuniga
    charli c Zuniga

    How do merciless do? Have you guys done a video with it?

  • Jacob Doyle
    Jacob Doyle

    I love how im watching this video after I got 1K voices 2 hours ago

  • gabe kepler
    gabe kepler

    @kackisHD I wonder how strong merciless would be with particle since it's perk .akes it shoot faster and faster

  • The Jc ™
    The Jc ™

    It can get under pressure vorpal

  • Michael Trimble
    Michael Trimble

    That’s your face!? All these years and now I know!!!

  • Kev Gunton
    Kev Gunton

    Look in vault, yep got one of those sweet!


    Rick “ go crazy go stupid ahhhhhh go crazy ahhhhhhh go stupid ahhhhhhhh” kackis

  • Ruben Flores
    Ruben Flores

    Rick “There was something in the air that night, The stars were bright, Fernando” Kackis

  • Jacob Ansel
    Jacob Ansel

    Vs riven video plssss!!???

  • Motorized Bike Stuff!
    Motorized Bike Stuff!

    you didnt test the jotunn?

  • Damion H
    Damion H

    I have liquid coils and vorpal

  • YourSmallDad

    cartesian with high impact reserves and vorpal tho

  • BrandonG702

    Rick “…Just Rick” Kackis here

  • Bruuh

    Video starts at 2:30

  • MrBlackJaQ

    Rick "Dont throw out that trash roll yet." KACKIS. HERE!

  • MrBlackJaQ

    Soooo thisll stack with focusing lens right?

  • assassins1231999

    Anyone know what his hand canon is he using ?

    • John Harden
      John Harden


  • Shane Neff
    Shane Neff

    Where is the best place to farm for the Cartesian?

  • Jacob McNamee
    Jacob McNamee

    Why Boss Spec weapon mod on Vorpal Weapon perk? I usually run backup mag or Major Spec weapon mod with Vorpal Weapon perk ;-)

    • Andrew Nickell
      Andrew Nickell

      it stacks. if killing boss, use boss spec

  • Robert DeWolfe
    Robert DeWolfe

    You forgot the second "here" in yo name foo!

  • Jon

    Wanna know what that emblem is looks sick

  • John Bowen
    John Bowen

    Rick “Your mom goes to college” Kackis here!

  • Angel

    Me who didn't get the last season: "cries in low dps😪"

  • demirkafa sutlac
    demirkafa sutlac

    Also, I've been aboslutely destroying everything with my Titan with my hammer. I'm talking about roaring flames x3, plus a couple mods that I forgot the names of, and the helmet that makes it so when you use a barricade it shoots fire. With my hammer I've taken out champions in 2-3 hammer throws.

  • demirkafa sutlac
    demirkafa sutlac

    I just want to win gambit T_T

  • Dan Of Texas
    Dan Of Texas

    Lol now I have to farm that gun, I’ve deleted every one I got in the passed

  • aHorNy MeSsiCaN
    aHorNy MeSsiCaN

    Rick " Best PvP vs PvE weapon is......" Kackis

  • Sameer Panday
    Sameer Panday

    Rick" with the thick" kackis here

  • jeffrey robinson
    jeffrey robinson

    Can someone explain how vorpal Weapon works on bosses

  • RandomLombax37

    I got a coordinate with slide and HIR so I keep the 25% bonus constantly lol

  • Raymond Waltz
    Raymond Waltz

    Rick “Talk to me Goose” Kackis (for my clan mate/son Maverick)

  • Savage Cimmerian
    Savage Cimmerian

    Rick, “I’m so OP, BUNGIE just nerfed me” Kackis here!

  • Veylark

    I’d love to see how zealot’s reward stacks up to these. Make GoS actually feel worth it lol

  • Christian Cruces
    Christian Cruces

    Got one with Vorpal and liquid coils

  • Rx Hymn
    Rx Hymn

    Has everyone forgotten about Zealots reward?? High impact auto loading..

  • Navy_seal77

    Very impressive

  • Shawn Jones
    Shawn Jones

    Rick "I'm such a fucking tool" kackis here...

  • mcwaste

    oh my lord im sharing this video everywhere

  • Jack Shepard
    Jack Shepard

    *Listening to that/those boring farts in the beginning. Jesus, imagine playing with that weekly....* 🤣🖕

  • Brandon Schackart
    Brandon Schackart

    How does Merciless stand up in this new meta??

  • Rain blue fire
    Rain blue fire

    Rick "this video was actually not clickbait" khackis here

  • HKV official channel
    HKV official channel

    Perfect them 1000 k needed fireteam blaim Rick ur useless now 💪thanks

  • Googz

    Rick "cracked cartesian melt" Khackis

  • James Palmer
    James Palmer

    Pretty sure the impact damage of witherhoard on the second and all following shots after the first direct hit gets you better numbers than tagging then planting one nearby

  • Michael Kann
    Michael Kann

    Had an argument with a LFG about vorpal vs high impact reserves. Looks like I was right

  • Chris Harris
    Chris Harris

    I just got a Cartesian with hip fire and vorpal… charge time masterwork too. One happy chap right here 😁

  • Vincent Wilson
    Vincent Wilson

    Rick “KWTD must have falling star, 1k, season pass lvl 330, 48 plus clears, Bachelors degree, and a 850 credit score - checking ” Kackis here

  • bacon blaster
    bacon blaster

    So your telling me my favorite fusion is now meta? Oh hell ya

  • The White Recluse
    The White Recluse

    Malfeasance + CC + Threaded Needle will carry me for the next 6 months

  • Cederick Perry
    Cederick Perry

    Can someone explain the difference between running liquid coils vs. accelerated on the cartisian?

  • Gavin Messick
    Gavin Messick

    Just got a carteshian with vorpal and high imapact reserves yesterday. For sure gonna try it!

  • Brandon Cano
    Brandon Cano

    Rick “pickle” Kackis here

  • Lightgenix

    I got a Cartesian coordinate with vvorpal from a random activity lol

  • Derek Petersen
    Derek Petersen

    Khakis DPS unit of measurement = seconds....

  • Confession Bear
    Confession Bear

    Bungie right now:…👀

  • Solsenu

    Rick Rick Rick Rick Rick RIck RIck KACKIS here!

  • Sound Playground
    Sound Playground

    What if one person uses the Tractor Cannon or Divinity, then one Hunter uses a tether with Star Eater Scales?

  • Alex Lowden
    Alex Lowden

    Would high impact reserves be good?

    • Alex Lowden
      Alex Lowden

      Cos I have high impact and under pressure

  • kevin reyes
    kevin reyes

    How do you farm for this weapon if you do not have any data frags

  • Avensol

    If you're using Anarchy, just apply it at the beginning of the DPS phase, don't re-apply it after the first 2 grenades run out

  • Chris Snyder
    Chris Snyder

    Rick “It’s KA not CO” Kackis

  • Dragon Spade
    Dragon Spade

    Rick "How's your sister?" Kackis here!

  • KOz1caa

    Awesome info. Thank you.

  • Zachary Sheridan
    Zachary Sheridan

    This Is Officially Season of The Raid KackisHD here.

Remembering Norm
463 ming
Remembering Norm
463 ming