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  • Carson Chudley
    Carson Chudley

    For anyone interested in seeing more, the channel TDT Productions has started doing a series like this.

  • Wayne Stevens
    Wayne Stevens

    Insane loot? What a joke. Complete waste of time.

  • SoapxMacTavish22

    How'd you get the updated Pefect Paradox? I'm searching for it everywhere and not seeing any guide or posts

  • rashed abdulla
    rashed abdulla

    yoooo borealis if it would had anti barrier im 100% maining. it i miss antibarrier sniper but I'm soooo interested in borealis anti barrier

  • Ahmed Mohammed
    Ahmed Mohammed

    Damn you’re way of talking is agonizing So slow I can’t breathe listening to you Just speak normal sir It’s ok if your video is not around 10 minutes

  • Conzo

    I have kill clip and feeding frenzy 🤣🤣🤣🤣 my chroma fucking slays!!!!!!

  • Gideon

    Ive got the dire promes God roll

  • Zachary Vinson
    Zachary Vinson

    Wanted quick fang so bad, patrolled Europa on my hunter and got it from a world chest. So happy :3

  • Rameen Kashanikhah
    Rameen Kashanikhah

    It’s really not that great. Autos need a buff. They feel no where near as good as the other meta primaries. And in end game content they’re useless. Much rather have rapid hit explosive scout/pulse for anti barrier. Hand cannon or bow for overload. And something single shot for unstoppable. Autos just need more damage for me to want to actually use them in pve.

  • Frank Raymond
    Frank Raymond

    Because you can only hold 5 but I have one in the post master

  • Frank Raymond
    Frank Raymond

    I had no problem getting them I have a way to get them easy

  • Gustavo Soriano
    Gustavo Soriano

    I think I need that toaster... I mean... I will do it for the kids if she asks(the wife)

  • randy c
    randy c

    It’s funny I just so happen to have the god roll with out even knowing lol

  • Tanner Wells
    Tanner Wells

    Aw man I sure do love my pray-de-eths revenge

  • Orrco Racing
    Orrco Racing

    I love how everyone is looking for slideshot/vorpal for ignition code... how often do you slide during boss DPS..? 😆 also... you can hold 20 corrupt key codes, not just 5... postmaster is a beautiful thing.

  • Adam Lubert
    Adam Lubert

    I managed to get really luck to get a pave god roll version of this gun. Trip tap, vorpal weapon, handling masterwork.

  • Vecter

    I know this is an older video but just thought I should let you guys know that if you shoot the boss in the second encounter with the tractor cannon you slow him down just enough to use Lament. Me and some people I played with 2 phased him that way.

  • Baka Gitler
    Baka Gitler

    It can also drop in crota

  • brandon 2504
    brandon 2504

    And here i am at 1270 power not needing to care about any of this news

  • Framptons Kimono
    Framptons Kimono

    It’s questionable at best to farm when you’ve Pitx3 and IB packages that about 1/6 armor drops are just as high stats. More clickbait trash from Khakis.

  • Kaideraid 7
    Kaideraid 7

    Probably a noob for this but what power weapon is that in the Templar damage faze

  • Christopher Gross
    Christopher Gross

    Currently struggling with the dreaming city mission to get the malfeasance 🙁

  • Mikhail Mccann
    Mikhail Mccann


  • Inquisitor Ichijou
    Inquisitor Ichijou

    Couldn't you also just run Battlegrounds? That way, you don't need to solo a raid area or a Dungeon. That's more friendly to casual players.

  • dodgemaster69

    Where's my tlalock?

  • Marc

    I switched my Ikelos SMG this season because of the changes to subsistence, it's so damn good on the Ikelos SMG now! It obviously gets that buff from 10% to 17% ammo back on each kill and there's no longer the reserve ammo downside. I do just treat it like a really big extended mag, usually I only force reload after blowing up a warmind cell since that doesn't refill the mag at all plus it obviously creates an opportunity to reload.

  • Drakus Mero
    Drakus Mero

    Just oot fur a rip, ariyah bud

  • Freddie Falseflagger
    Freddie Falseflagger

    Oh please stop with the bs thumbnails

  • Holland Cooney
    Holland Cooney

    Can I get this quest in season of the splicer

  • WizardSABER 7g3
    WizardSABER 7g3

    Kackis: the best extended mag perk in the game Re wind rounds: am I a joke to you

  • Ghosting You (Ghostingyou)
    Ghosting You (Ghostingyou)

    I'm cool with my feeding frenzy kill clip roll.

  • Just_Your_Average_Guy :L
    Just_Your_Average_Guy :L

    I personally just think that there’s legendary’s out there that out perform exotics so its just like, why waste the exotic slot on a weapon that can easily get out performed

  • masam

    I decided to come back and watch this, i kind of miss this raid if I'm being honest. Very nostalgic for me


    Its always funny to me that people had call outs like future and past, or mars, and venus. Was I the only one who knew you could just look at the mini map to tell? That's how I always would tell which side because i used to lfg a lot and callouts were always different so thats was just a very easy way to know which side.

  • LeeL DucK
    LeeL DucK

    isn't this like...obvious? videos like this are such a stretch to me

  • C VW
    C VW

    Bahahahahhaha i just got one!!!

  • Heine Rammsteiner
    Heine Rammsteiner

    I run a team with full malfeasance in gambit melts the primeval and other enemies in seconds

  • Biggus

    Warlock. Build. Please.

  • Matthew

    Bobby Lee spoke so much about the lighthouse, I had to see it

  • Emmanuel Seucharan
    Emmanuel Seucharan

    I cant get subsistence rampage and its been so long now

  • Derek Nelson
    Derek Nelson

    currently have a heating up/rampage/reload mw which has been pretty dang great to use. but would love this roll

  • Zippy the Pinhead dot org
    Zippy the Pinhead dot org

    Clickbait and ridiculous hype. Crappy rewards for doing a long, pain-in-the-butt mission.

  • Gavin McCracken
    Gavin McCracken

    The outbreak perfected didn't stop being good for dps because it couldn't auto reload anymore, it stopped being good because Bungie nerfed the crap out of its multiplicative damage buff stacking with multiple teammates and its individual bonus buff. That needs to be reverted a bit to make it good again.

  • Imperial Rik
    Imperial Rik

    I REALLY want Malfeasance. I even got the ornament for it :/

  • Justin pi
    Justin pi

    Bungie: here's a way to farm awesome new loot. You only have to run tons of 10 to 15 minute overrides for them. Bungie later: here's a way to farm better versions (but only 3 a week after farming thousands of kills) Destiny players that experienced season of the dawn: 😑😑😑


    Is the last word any good broski

  • random75491

    How do you deal with oracles when running double slug?

  • Dog Faced God
    Dog Faced God

    Not to be that guy, but this roll was one of the first Chroma Rush rolls I got this season 😂

  • Ianwray23 Wray
    Ianwray23 Wray

    Every lfg raid ever

  • Ianwray23 Wray
    Ianwray23 Wray

    Welcome to bungie how may I take your order

  • Tusty Stiff
    Tusty Stiff

    Yesssssssssssss! ADA showed luv with Grasp of the Warmind mod today, I'm almost complete as a returning player. Half charged with light and half Warmind cells build with all the fun seasonal mods is equivalent to E.L.E, try it!

  • Captain Chris
    Captain Chris

    Whisper of the Worm?

  • Jeremi Hughes
    Jeremi Hughes

    What about the 1k and anarky

  • Ewan Dahl
    Ewan Dahl

    Yea so ive been playing the free to play and i wanted to know if i can put a dlc in my game that i already have guns and stuff in or if ill end up having to start all over

  • Empirin

    Holy shit a one minute 20 second intro. Jesus bud you’re fucking cringe man

  • kalapia

    sry, it is the first roll i got on this gun

  • Kobking

    okay this intro was funny lol

  • Steven Savenelli
    Steven Savenelli

    And run this setup with Actium War Rig and you have the never-ending bullet hose.. Just saying..

  • Coconut ts
    Coconut ts

    I’ve heard that they should change borialis’ perk to be able to stun any champions instead of changing its energy type

  • Deterious The Chosen
    Deterious The Chosen

    Hey y not Wish Ender? Its exotic perk is only see enemies through walls. I say if it should have that perk, make it a one shot in pvp when fully pulled back and a hell of a lot dmg in PVE so it can be used for boss dmg in my opinion

  • Andy Compton
    Andy Compton

    This roll would be legit. My 1st Chroma Rush dropped with Arrowhead/Accurized/feeding frenzy/kill clip and it rocks. I just got a Gnawing Hunger with subsistence/swashbuckler and it shreds as well.

  • JMobRichie

    Damn I’ve had this roll for a while now, would rather have vex though.

  • Davisaar

    I've dismantled so many of these

  • Cliff Cumming
    Cliff Cumming

    Just uninstall the shitty game and go enjoy life. This game is just becoming for streamers and the most hardcore.

  • Pedro Moreno
    Pedro Moreno

    So the chroma rush is the updated gnawwing hunger sort of

  • xFAKExAxoN

    What about ace? What about lumina? What about sturm? Those would benefit a lot from the buff since ace was god tier when it came out and with the mm nerf stacked with shadowkeep nerf it was ruined, then there's lumina that has been so underwhelming since it came out because of the damage, with this buff I believe it could be way better, and sturm just speaks for itself as to why it would be busted after this buff, anyone that doesn't know what I mean by that needs to use it more

  • handsome DRAC
    handsome DRAC

    The title of the video should've been called "They did it, the crazy son of bitch did it."

  • ShOxYa z
    ShOxYa z

    I got subsistence with rampage with stability mw , great for pve

  • Andrew Abbate
    Andrew Abbate

    I’m watching this in 2021 and confused why people are saying 570 light is high like girl what I’m at 1127?

  • Darnell Jones
    Darnell Jones

    How about reporting It useful 😏😏😏

  • Gallabis

    Spider doesn’t have the quest for me on my warlock or titan any advice?


    If it makes you feel better KackisHD I still don't have the roll

  • Ley Mcdonald
    Ley Mcdonald

    Dynamic sway kill clip, for upcoming gms will be much better. Subsistence is for regular strikes and super easy content.

  • welcome to the planet kal el
    welcome to the planet kal el

    when you cant make a battlefield video without shitting on cod, its clear how much you hate cod and how Jealous you are of COD that it was on throne for past few years.

  • Noe Nava
    Noe Nava

    I enjoy your content and memes aside, I really find you helpful man. I ran my first vog in d2 during contest mode and I copied your idea of using double linears and was doing insane dmg. Fuck the bullshit and the haters

  • Roberto Campos
    Roberto Campos

    Skip intro: 1:20

  • Zac Leng
    Zac Leng

    Why did Bungie make it so complicated? Not good for the casual player who can only get on at the weekend. What happened to raids like Crota's End?

  • iworkforwendys

    bro im just tryna get anarchy man.

  • Mark Grice
    Mark Grice

    Had ten. And eny 1 having a problem with d2 on ps5 just do a data transfer to external hard drive and back sorts problem in 15 minutes instead of re download 🙄