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  • BloodHound7738

    Rick “oh murder mine” Kackis here

  • turnersamuel6

    Rick"these intros are getting too long so imma change it up a bit so now it's"" Rick" this is a long one l""" kackis here

  • Sam A-taco
    Sam A-taco

    That hunter dino helmet looks so sick

  • Quack_ A_Doodle
    Quack_ A_Doodle

    As long as they don't keep us from backing a game when it loads 4, 5, 6 players I'll be happy with the new version of Trials, or if they add Freelance mode lol

  • bloadstar

    Whisper of bonds 100% getting nerfed or deactivated

  • Richard Keel
    Richard Keel

    Miss the old "Its ya boi Rick Khakis here" this new shit is cringey

  • Gaming Unlimited
    Gaming Unlimited

    There's some great stuff this week

  • KoruKinshi

    Rick "I DON'T NEED NO MOTHAFU**IN' KEYS!!!" Kackis here.

  • ONYX G9000
    ONYX G9000

    I’m loving that Dino hood and helm look epic hopefully the rest look great

  • Gaming Unlimited
    Gaming Unlimited

    Rick "roll" kackis

  • shadow_of_ Origin
    shadow_of_ Origin

    Deathbringer still exists tho

  • Forrest Patterson
    Forrest Patterson

    Could you stack it with godslayer rounds?

  • Rgamez23

    Review this weapon again when it’s catalyst drops. Sounds like it will perform way better👾

  • ADS Spider
    ADS Spider

    Lol well gjallahorn is prob gonna be really broken

  • King Chaos gaming
    King Chaos gaming

    I literally went flawless yesterday last night for the first time ever in my life thank you, Bungie

  • I ANDV I
    I ANDV I

    Rick "This isnt a plug for my advance gg flavor" Kackis here.

  • Mark Forster
    Mark Forster

    Seen some cool builds using this trace rifle, this is one of them, but having to use the same weapon all the time gets real boring real quick.

  • Rashaen Walker
    Rashaen Walker

    Rick “My tracing the starts Quest is bugged” KACKIS HERE😓😓😓

  • Shane Carelli
    Shane Carelli

    Rick "You've cut their leg guardian, Now lean on them!" Kackis here.

  • Rhetro

    Nobody: Rick: calls agers scepter the best stasis weapon compared to cryos and salvations grip (Like no shit Sherlock)

  • JetForceGemKnight

    Would mind doing a DPS breakdown of the new Exotic, Ager's Scepter? With Stasis elemental well/charged with light build? The gun melts Unstoppable and Overload champs in its own right without stunning them. Curious to see what the exact number of damage would be.

  • Jakeem

    High total stats means nothing


    Rick"don't forget your dinosaur" kackis

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost

    Great info, thanks.

  • big deezle
    big deezle

    Leave it to Cockiss to show ways to break the game, good job

  • Adam N
    Adam N

    Click bait much?

  • MaxTV 1111
    MaxTV 1111

    Bruh I unlocked all javelins in 2 hours with a glitch of restarting a new game hahaha

  • HunterPanther

    What happens if the switch around 8:56 is flipped on but the door ain’t opened ;-;

  • Frostbit 101
    Frostbit 101

    It took me 6 matches with the monte carlo

  • No Name
    No Name

    Rick “HOUNDISH HERE” Khakis

  • JT Solutions
    JT Solutions

    Rick"SEVETH COLUMN"Kackis here

  • Alexander Bartlett
    Alexander Bartlett

    Watching this a week later they messed it up again

  • Aidan T
    Aidan T

    Rick “Welcome to the trials of Saint-14 …. Just kidding it’s the Trials of Osiris, wouldn’t it be funny if it were named after Saint-14” Kackis here

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith

    Rick “News feed… it’s just a cover for the FWC” Kackis

  • Lord Alucard
    Lord Alucard

    I like the idea with them disabling the matchmaking counter but I hate it at the same time because since they don't have the freelance mode in yet there's the problem where you have some people who would quit or just give up when they are going against a fireteam of 3 instead of what they are hoping for, now what they should of done is this instead made it where if you are in a fireteam of 3 you are only going to go against another fireteam of 3 instead of people who are solo or a fireteam of 2 this is my opinion on this

  • mark cook
    mark cook

    Everything xur has this week is trash everyone

  • Twist

    Well this didn’t age well

  • Shoesy JT
    Shoesy JT

    It's ya boi rick "roll" kackis here

  • Mr.Dinklebop

    Warlock gets Triceratops (Pog)

  • Mark Murex
    Mark Murex

    The Bottom Dollar is nearly a PvE god roll. All the perks are there, the only thing that makes it not quite great is that the stability increase should be reload.

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Rick "little pig, little pig, let me in" Kackis here

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Rick "can you blow me where the pampers is" Kackis

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    Rick "that comment section is out of control" Kackis

  • Theknifeshow

    Hey khakis, my warlock (main)can hold 4 stasis fragments but hunter can only hold 1is thus normal or am I missing something...and hunter funny enough is further in quest then warlock. Any info would be great!thanks love the content you post

  • Daniel Pritchard
    Daniel Pritchard

    Rick, I turned myself into a pickle! I’m pickle Rick!! Kackis

  • marcelo escamilla
    marcelo escamilla

    Did they increased the prallax cap? I currently have 3k, and its says that's the max

  • Chace Horrocks
    Chace Horrocks

    Thanks this will make me less annoying

  • Owen Orris
    Owen Orris

    Rick "Woo! They should have run! Look at 'em now! They're dead!" Kackis here.

  • JediSamson

    Rick "Eramis is causing Vexual Frustration in my Cabals" Kackis here! ...I'm not Fallen back on this, lol. No matter the Scorn I have to Taken. Hive said my piece

  • LazorShark217

    Rick"before we start the video, allow me to thank our sponsor, SurfSharkVPN" kackis

  • Yuh

    But also the hothead? Like u didn’t even use it with the fucking perk tho

  • Telesto

    How do u reset the board

  • MrSupasheva

    Does this still work ?

  • Harry Ellis
    Harry Ellis

    Thank you, supper helpfull

  • Rafal Wolosik
    Rafal Wolosik

    Sorry, but I will trade 15k damage in a boss phase for not having to pick up orbs of light just to get that extra couple thousand damage.... sorry, not worth it. Lame

  • wiener farts
    wiener farts

    Hey guys *starts the video*

  • R3d33mingFir3

    This video was a complete waste of time, "REALLY".

  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming

    I imagine it's still much weaker then 1k for now?

  • Steven Coates
    Steven Coates

    Dale has 3 Titans made. He doesn’t hate Titans. He just knows how to play the system.

  • tanya davies
    tanya davies

    1 or 6 stacked !! the more stacks the more empowered rockets u can fire Kackish 😉 🤣

  • Rob Simpson
    Rob Simpson

    Rick "I HAVE THE POWER" Kakis here.

  • AngelJerone

    Add Godslayer Warheads to the play with the explosive light. Feels Good Man


    This coming event We gonna look like a bunch of chad's & Karen's.

  • Rasmodeus Quilock
    Rasmodeus Quilock

    this is gonna get disabled within two weeks probably.

  • Jo'nathan Buxton
    Jo'nathan Buxton

    A Vorpal Hezen Vengeance would beat it no?

  • Mexican Boi
    Mexican Boi

    do any i need any DLC. i only have forsaken

  • Tanner Belile
    Tanner Belile

    Rick “the kack attack” Kackis

  • My game Clips channel
    My game Clips channel

    I wish bungie did this when they had the other cool Egyptian armor set for trials,not a fan of this trial armor but that’s just me.

  • Nickman

    Rick “Never Tell Me The Odd’s” Kackis

  • Litzkrieg

    Rick "Literally the best Illuminati-Tier hand cannon IN.THE.GAME." Kackis here...

  • DoAFlip

    Rick ' like a good gaurdian kackis is there' kackis here

  • Leo Maxwell
    Leo Maxwell

    To stop people preying on solo queues except now if I’m playing solo I can’t see if I’m gonna get paired against a sweaty 3 stack

  • Pooley

    Dude soon as the RPG came out i got it and have been useing it all the season

  • Biocat

    Rick “ya boy” Kackis

  • Benjamin Camilleri
    Benjamin Camilleri

    Completely unrelated, but don't know if anyone else has gotten this, but I was doing the corrupted nf for this week and after I completed it, I got a legacy pulse rifle, horror's least. And even wierder, it has 0 power level and does 1 damage per bullet. Can someone explain?

    • tanya davies
      tanya davies

      reason on Zero is down to it being sunset now ! and yes I'd bagged this useless weapon 🤣

  • RDOG z
    RDOG z

    Has anyone tested the sleepless with vorpal weapon im hitting around 110k per shot just saying it could be a winner for best rocket

  • Tom McConnell
    Tom McConnell

    Last weekend I had too many games where I was 1v3 in trials

  • Tristan Murray
    Tristan Murray


  • Vfatal

    People think picking up orbs is such a hard thing to do

  • Lq1

    TITAN SOLO DPS BUILD: SUBCLASS: Top tree sunbreaker for the debuff melee WEAPONS: Primary and special of choice (I recommend Sunshot) and Ascendancy/Hothead with EL of course EXOTIC ARMOR: Hallowfire Heart/Heart of Inmost Light ARMOR MODS: 2x Argent Ordnance, Taking Charge, Elemental Ordnance, Font of Might WAY OF USE: 1. Pick up orbs for Argent Ordnance and Explosive Light 2. Throw grenade at red bar for a well and pick it up right before a damage phase 3. Debuff the boss with your melee and start blasting RECOMMENDED FOR: Low to mid-tier content