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  • Doggo the desperado
    Doggo the desperado


  • Mr. Hoonnigan
    Mr. Hoonnigan

    May be s-tier but it’s ugly as fuck

  • Noah Arlen
    Noah Arlen

    That literally is my class night watch and Cartesian

  • titanfall fun!
    titanfall fun!

    fuck it im going to buy the bow lmao i need it for the overload bow mod


    Auto rifle was decent I don’t know what you’re talking about just because you got a big crowd fuck out of here

  • Loomyヅ

    adored is the best weapon peep my new video to see

  • Austin Showers
    Austin Showers

    Bad build

  • LamboKing5434

    Rick "how is he not dead?!" Kackis

  • Aaron Stillwell
    Aaron Stillwell

    You have definitely been one of my favorite Destiny youtubers for a long time. Keep up the great work! You have the voice for it.

  • J Mc
    J Mc

    D1 vex mythoclast 2.0 kd in crucible plus good rng in vog = the gun that made players cry in crucible. D2 vex returns, just finish vog = gun that looks like vex but meh, some players cry, bungo "yea lets nerf that" why bring it back then? Stupid.

  • Soth DaBoss
    Soth DaBoss

    How would you work in the trials, iron banner, and seasonal event weapons on this list? Just curious since ive got them and spend what i think is too much time picking what to use lol

  • Soth DaBoss
    Soth DaBoss

    I use the auto in pvp sometimes and do decent. Have had some of my better rounds for the season with it

  • jimmy thepants
    jimmy thepants

    rick "what the hell am i stuck on?!" kackis

  • Chris Michael
    Chris Michael

    Your videos are amazing 🤩! Can I ask on your thoughts on ace of spades ? Grinding materials to get it. Should I continue or give it a pass

  • i pee sitting
    i pee sitting

    Dont know why im watching this rn.

  • D'aetheyleid

    This game is nothing but parasitic content meant to squeeze every last cent out of it's player base. And you know what? The player base just seems loves this abuse.

  • Smurawa

    anyone know what gun he is using?

  • Smooth 1717
    Smooth 1717

    “Rick never gonna give you up kackis here”

  • Owen Owen
    Owen Owen

    Bungie has gone shit. I pumped so many hours into upgrading my armour.. many many many hours.. guess what. That armour can’t be upgraded now an Bungie is shit an has no idea. It’s ok to waste hours into game development. But it not ok to shit on older players.

  • Zakurn

    Can we get any exotics from these sectors or only the featured ones from the day?

  • FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer
    FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer

    The Avalanche reminds me of the Storm Bolter from Warhammer 40K

  • Alec Mathews
    Alec Mathews

    Wait, Prophet of Doom has Opening Shot tho

  • Salt And pepper
    Salt And pepper

    It’s ya boi Rick (how’s your sister) kackis here

  • c'est gum
    c'est gum

    your part of the reason why the super is ass noe

  • Rarindarkhelm Gaming
    Rarindarkhelm Gaming


  • Clutch Mandoja
    Clutch Mandoja

    Rick “let me know what you think my next intro name should be, that comments section is WILD” Kackis here…

  • Ben Parf
    Ben Parf

    Where can I get mods like explosive wellmaker as I don’t have any and can’t find any

  • Gavin Weddington
    Gavin Weddington

    Rick “I wanna clap sussy master rahool” kackis here

  • Arkham Knight
    Arkham Knight

    Kackis: says vorpal weapon is a god roll Me: checks and sees I have Killing Wind and Vorpal Weapon on my Canis Major

  • Maibam Lembasana
    Maibam Lembasana

    Rick ‘Glizzy Globber’ Kakis Here!

  • Kip Dynamite
    Kip Dynamite

    LOL 40+ clears of VOG and still don't have it. It would be nice to play with it before it gets nerfed. It's MEME worthy at this point. Why can't they just make it purchasable for Spoils in the end chest with stipulations? Minimum 20 clears, with all other weapons and armor obtained, and make it cost 240 Spoils. Sounds fair to me.

  • Sean McCarthy
    Sean McCarthy

    So which one of you streamers tricked all you other streamers that swords are good in this GM? Was it you Ricky boy, getting bored? 1k and or rapid fire fusions dispatches those phalanx easy and the Overloads in this GM are further back then normal champions making it even dumber and harder to rush them with swords. Just bow them. The swords aspect of this should be for speed run strats. Because it CERTAINLY doesn’t make this strike easier

  • Max KoolKidz
    Max KoolKidz

    Felwinters shot gun be better

  • spencer williams
    spencer williams

    Kept getting into runs with people doing this slow ass dumb strat, one kid told me that this is the only method because Kackis said this is the easiest way. Asked him who that was, kid told me no wonder I'm shit at destiny, went looked up this video, and holy hell, this is so dumb. Use a fusion with particle and linear or 1k, and each run takes roughly 10-12 minutes, and it's easy as hell. Props to ur videos mate, I will give you praise for putting in the time to make a video to help the destiny community, but holy hell, some people are just cultists.

  • Anthony Antram
    Anthony Antram

    Rick "Let's be bad guys" Kackis

  • Kaos Giles
    Kaos Giles

    Rick “we are too good at efficiently farming for bungie “ Kackis

  • Elias Panayi
    Elias Panayi

    Archers tempo and adagio is pretty nice, if its worth using up both perks on wolftone draw

  • Elias Panayi
    Elias Panayi

    Rick * whistles savathuns song* kackis here

  • Elijah

    Rick “no cap this is a good rocket” Kackis here!

  • @!@zack-and-dane@!@
    @[email protected]@[email protected]

    Rick "spooky scary"kackis

  • froz

    Fractethyst isn’t the first 65 rpm pellet to get opening shot, Prophet of doom from Garden has had it for 3 years now lol

  • The Muddy Wolf
    The Muddy Wolf

    I think you butchered the names of all the weapons flawlessly. 10/10. Fractalyst lol. There's not even an "L" in there bud. Appreciate the content though

  • Michael Nigro
    Michael Nigro

    Rick *lord Shaxx “YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”* Kackis here

  • Captain Elm
    Captain Elm

    Shatterdive has been nerfed like 3 times already ;-;

  • Xerro

    I just got shatterdrive 😭

  • Bobby Pitts
    Bobby Pitts

    You're right God question help somebody out that is on Xbox on get the Catalyst for the becks

  • Krustoff24

    Rick "Vul-Puh-Soo-Lah" Kackis

  • The one and only
    The one and only

    Bungie nerfing warlocks again?

  • Krustoff24

    "Chrysuria" "Caynis" "Vul Peh Soo Lah" "Fractelyst" Bungie, for this mans sake, name all the Witch Queen guns Cat in the Hat or something. Rick is struggling!

  • ben ellis
    ben ellis

    Rick 'Wake up in the morning wanting some breakfast' kackis here 🙌 loving the channel and content!

  • Hidden Vizions
    Hidden Vizions

    Your like 4 weeks late to the drop xD and I mean titans are crayon eaters lol 😆, the rockets been put for so long with so many different rolls and there's atleast 3 different rocket launchers that are out and legendary that are detter then this for starters they just released a d1 classic the hothead. Which smaaacks. Also crayon eater *insert fart noise here* 🤣 hunters ftw haha.

  • cdfv4

    The auto can challenge the vex at long ranges. Iv used it in trials and its good with outlaw and frenzy

  • The Sarcastic Wolf
    The Sarcastic Wolf

    Really going into to those classic DPS, Healer and Tank rolls.

  • Ephixum

    Pair it with focussing lens with the entire team btw

  • ScareCr0w61

    So what will happen to obtaining the Ace of Spades? Which is pretty much a tribute to CAYDE-6?

  • Ashton Barner
    Ashton Barner


  • StayTheMFCourse Bruce
    StayTheMFCourse Bruce

    *Laughs in cloud strike*

  • Calypso, Might of the Taken
    Calypso, Might of the Taken

    We need world drop random roll exotic weapons plus i got a fourth times dragonfly and frenzy crysura melo man does it break stuff

  • Kyphasic Ave.
    Kyphasic Ave.

    I am still looking for a better roll on the hand cannon with headstone.....I have only gotten the headstone perk one time...uzmilk.info/limo/lwFEkJGvVJHACZcGNgeEOAvideos

  • Dufflesnoof

    I'm ok with it as long as a get my free forsaken exotics from the tower

  • Saud albarrak
    Saud albarrak

    Rick “ phenomenal “ KACKIS Here

  • HeartearthScar

    I haven't been getting this many pages, maybe 0 or 1 paged from wrathborne

  • D1M3B4R D4V3 Gaming
    D1M3B4R D4V3 Gaming

    Any version containing 'forsaken' etc that is still being sold should be removed from all marketplaces.

  • Alex

    I’ve honestly never seen anyone use the fusion or the grande launcher.

  • Corrupted Cayde-6
    Corrupted Cayde-6

    Rick “I beat my wife” khakis here

  • P. Dilla
    P. Dilla

    Rick Bukackis

  • maximanimo

    Got rangefinder/multikill clip from the ascendant lens.. I'm done with the event wohoo

  • ZachariahKristina Klein
    ZachariahKristina Klein


  • Dragonfly Dolemite
    Dragonfly Dolemite

    Man I like that lowest auto rifle

  • Collin J
    Collin J

    Can’t wait for bungie to power creep the hell out of PvE fusions by combining cornered & surrounded

  • Mickhail Montes
    Mickhail Montes

    rick “can someone at bungie pronounce this seasons weapons for me “ kackis here

  • Ryan Ristau
    Ryan Ristau

    *complains about the range of the auto rifle, while beaming a knight in the head consistently from the other side of a haunted lost sector." No joke though, if you dont have Vex, this autorifle is actually nasty on my bottom tree solar build using the exotic boots that buff fire, stack that with a full compliment of well mods and it is fantastic.

  • Sebastian Stuart
    Sebastian Stuart

    Lucky I want the god role gernade launcher so much but it won't drop

  • TOXIN18 Gaming & Airsoft
    TOXIN18 Gaming & Airsoft

    Just to let you know, I think this seasons seasonal weapons look good and work well.

  • Heyoka Pero
    Heyoka Pero

    I dunno about your placement with the Melo, but that's just me. I'm running Outlaw, Multi-Kill Clip, Range Masterwork and Counter Balance Mod and good lord the headshots are Cheeky Breeky.

  • Suad678

    get the bow with shoot to loot and dragonfly. The dragonfly explosion will pick up any ammo that the adds drop

  • kerriereed

    i am so tired of having to equip mods for everything we do in destiny. for once i would like to make a build and stick with it until im tired of using it. every damn game play we switching mods and losing our builds. and no i do not want to make an amour build for every damn scenario. put overload and champion mods on the ghost instead of the armor. huhhh

  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright

    Hey Rick since sand box is alot bigger wonder if our valt size could be increased other idea allow us to hold more glimmer. Just some thoughts to bring up.

  • Sean Griffith
    Sean Griffith

    Got full choke, assault mag, full auto and trench barrel on mine 😄❤ On handcannon got encore and explosive payload ❤